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October 6, 2017

US Sentencing Commission continues diving into issues surrounding synthetic drugs

A helpful reader reminded me today that, in the midst of busy times, I failed to spotlight this past week's US Sentencing Commission public hearings on October 4 concerning "synthetic cathinones."  This USSC webpage details that this Commission spent the morning hearing "testimony from experts on ... their chemical structure, pharmacological effects, trafficking patterns, and community impact."

The hearing agenda and written statements of the nine witnesses who testified are linked at this page, and I was hoping to fins some time in the coming days to review some of this testimony.  I would be grateful to hear from readers knowledgeable on these distinctive issues as to whether any of this testimony was surprising or could lead to major changes in applicable sentencing rules.

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A Different Proposal

Death sentence on capital cases by 7-5 or better vote .

Defendant IMMEDIATELY executed after verdict by jurors voting for death .

》IF《 defendant later determined innocent ...
》THEN《 summary execution of jurors voting for death PLUS ancestors and defendants within three degrees ...
No charges , trials , or appeals .
Jury instructions , of course , include
"Vote with care , EXTREME CARE !"

Posted by: Queen of Hearts | Oct 6, 2017 12:10:07 PM

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