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September 16, 2004

The joys of a wired world

I should have known that a hotel in Harvard Square would have a high-speed internet connection, and thus I am on-line here in Boston. Unfortunately, the airline managed to lose my luggage, so I am wired but have no wardrobe. (I have a sneaking suspicion someone here in Boston found out I am a Yankee fan and they are holding my luggage hostage.)

In any event, I am excited to be near the birthplace of the American Revolution (and the birthplace of my legal life) to talk about Blakely and constitutional structure. And I had a chance on the plane ride to give a close read to the great decision in US v. Johns (details here), as well as to re-read Blakely itself. As I will explain in a subsequent post, I am starting to think more and more that, as I suggested here, Justice Breyer may finally be ready to buy his ticket to Apprendi-land.

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