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October 12, 2004

Still more on Prop. 66

Especially since lately coming down with a touch of Blakely fatigue, I am now having fun tracking the debate over California's Proposition 66, the ballot measure which seeks to amend the state's harsh Three Strikes Law by providing that the third strike would have to be a serious or violent felony to trigger a sentence of 25 years to life. (Prior major posts about Prop. 66 and Three Strikes in California can be found here and here.)

There are two interesting additions to this debate in today's California papers: this informative SF Chronicle article on Prop. 66, and this SJ Mercury News editorial encouraging readers to "Vote Yes To Fix Three Strikes."

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Iam a reading specialist at an elementary schhol and a mother of an eighteen year old felon. He
spent 8 months in jail for dropping off a buddy who used a toy gun to steal a car. My son was arrested 9 months later since he wasn't near the scene. He took a strike and had never been in any trouble before. this whole experience has awajen me as a person at age 55 to the scary aspects of our system. My son's consequence was just but I am now aware of so much more about the lack of justice for others. I can't help but believe the educational system, readin particular, plays a part in who is sentenced to what. I am doing my best to help my low poverty students learn to read. Now I just feel a sense of terror for their future when they don't do well. No normal citizen really gets it about the justice system until they go through it.

Posted by: kathleen McLean | Oct 31, 2004 2:20:38 PM

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