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November 15, 2004

Examining the examining of Ohio's death penalty

As detailed here,  an unexpected coalition of Republicans and Democrats joined together in the Ohio House last week to approve a bill requiring an in-depth study Ohio's capital punishment system.  In today's Akron Beacon Journal, this thoughtful article explores various explanations for this unexpected development and suggests it "reflected both a national debate over moral values as well as old-fashioned legislative maneuvering."

I have not heard any additional word about the likelihood of this bill being passed by the Ohio Senate, but I hope the good idea of an Ohio death penalty study does not just fade away.  As detailed in this recent government report on the state of capital punishment in the United States (discussed previously here), Ohio is number two behind only Texas in the number of executions in 2004, and Ohio's death row is the fifth largest in the nation.  Taking a closer look at Ohio's capital laws and practices seems quite sensible as the state continues to make the death penalty an integral component of its criminal justice strategies.

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The death sentence is typical of American views and values. The death sentence in Ohio paints a picture of why not only America is on the decline economically, but is becoming hated across the middle east, and now in Europe. The political state in America is a joke, who else but America would employ a movie star for the governer of one of the largest states in the U.S.A? U.S law, politics and views need to keep up with the world......you're just not in touch with the world anymore......you're just isolated.

Posted by: Jack Myers- student UK | Nov 19, 2004 11:06:54 AM

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