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November 15, 2004

Highlights from the Stanford Blakely conference

I will likely be off-line for big blocks of time tomorrow and Wednesday as I travel to DC to participate in the US Sentencing Commission's big hearing to consider Blakely issues.  The agenda for the hearings is now on-line here, and later today I hope to post my written testimony and the testimony that I have received from some of the other panelists.

Before I leave I will be providing a lot of reading material for any and all Blakely addicts.  In addition to a wealth of USSC testimony I hope to post later today, I now have a terrific "highlights" document (available for downloading below) prepared by Professor Bob Weisberg and other folks involved in the great event last month at Stanford Law School, entitled "The Future of American Sentencing: A National Roundtable on Blakely."  (Background on the event can be found here and here.)  The Federal Sentencing Reporter plans to publish this version of the proceedings of the event, which is a condensed and edited transcript of the six "roundtable" discussion sessions that were conducted at Stanford.

Download highlights_of_stanford_symposium.doc

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