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November 9, 2004

The power of positive thinking?

Especially with a decision in Booker and Fanfan perhaps only hours away, now is a good time to recall earlier positive and negative posts about Blakely and expected reactions thereto.  Glass-half-full types in the mood to think positive should go here and here, glass-half-empty types in the mood to think negative should go here and here.

And for those interested in more optimism, this article from corrections.com entitled "Sentencing: Legal Efforts Hint of Change" puts a very positive spin on Blakely and also on the defeat of Proposition 66, the effort to amend California's Three Strikes Law.  Though this article may actually be too upbeat even for an eternal optimist like me, the piece gives a long and effective account of reasons why the "era of locking up non-violent criminals for lengthy sentences seems to be coming to a close."

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Your post is really nice. There is another guy that writes on this subject, and he does it really well. His name escapes me at the moment though.

Well done!

Posted by: law of attraction community | Jun 4, 2008 10:24:00 PM

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