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November 23, 2004

The USSC's 15-year report is out!

Strike up the band, put paper in your printer, and grab your reading glasses: the US Sentencing Commission has released its long awaited 15-year report!! 

Links to all the parts of the full report, which runs more than 150 pages (not counting extended appendices), can be accessed here.  A short press release about the report is here, and the  report's lengthy executive summary can be accessed here.

Though providing data and analysis of pre-Blakely federal sentencing, I expect the information and conclusions in this report on the operation and efficacies of the federal guidelines should be of enormous value to everyone contemplating the post-Blakely direction of federal sentencing reforms.  I hope to be able to use the up-coming long weekend to report on the report and spotlight items of particular interest for post-Blakely reform thinking.

Congrats to the USSC for getting this report out at such an important time.

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