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December 12, 2004

Is it finally Booker/Fanfan eve?

Perhaps I should try a little reverse psychology and predict the opinion in Booker and Fanfan is not coming tomorrow.  Would that lead this blog to report the opinion is coming Monday? 

Whatever is going to happen tomorrow, it is fun to read again and again Milbarge's terrific 'Twas the Night Before Booker.  I suppose it is also fun to read all these prior "pre-decision" posts:

And, as noted before, lots of additional posts of note and other background materials on Blakely and Booker and Fanfan can also be found on this Blakely Basics page.  A wealth of other information can also be accessed through the various Booker/Fanfan and Blakely page links in the right side-bar.

UPDATE: And for an effective overview of the law and politics surrounding Blakely and Booker, this article from today's Philadelphia Inquirer provides a reader-friendly summary of the major stories of modern sentencing reform.

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FAITH. just the size of a mustard seed
is all we need.

Posted by: rece | Dec 12, 2004 6:50:19 PM

Thanks for flagging this article, Doug. I say, trust the flies and pass the vinegar.

Posted by: Peter G | Dec 12, 2004 8:43:26 PM

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