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December 22, 2004

Martha Stewart reforming

As detailed in this cnn-money story, Martha Stewart, halfway through her five-month prison sentence, was able to deliver a holiday greeting today from her minimum-security camp in West Virginia through a note to fans posted on her personal Web site.  That note, which you can access here, suggests that Martha might add sentencing reform advocacy to her busy agenda after her release.

Stewart starts her greeting by noting that so many of the 1,200 other female inmates "here in Alderson will never have the joy and wellbeing that you and I experience."  She then implores:

I beseech you all to think about these women — to encourage the American people to ask for reforms, both in sentencing guidelines, in length of incarceration for nonviolent first-time offenders, and for those involved in drug-taking.  They would be much better served in a true rehabilitation center than in prison where there is no real help, no real programs to rehabilitate, no programs to educate, no way to be prepared for life "out there" where each person will ultimately find herself, many with no skills and no preparation for living.

Especially since, as CNN reports, Martha's "net worth has been bulking up thanks to a surging stock price at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia," Stewart will have the resources and platform to be a potent advocate for sentencing reform upon her release from prison.  I will be interested to see if her future actions follow-up on her powerful words.

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Hi, I am so happy that Martha may add prison reform to her agenda! I am a graduate student at Cal State University, but I was not always this successful. I am a ex-con myself and I know the hardships that felons go through. Ex-cons are being denied education if they have a drug charge, denied housing in which rental applications do background checks, and employment where employers ask if you have had a felony and do background checks. What are people suppose to do when they are denied access to the community and to live without a job, or housing? This is a national problem and I am glad that Martha (who I think should not have went to prison anyway) will help reform or maybe make the public look at these problems. I am almost finished with my classes in my masters in social work program but guess what, I cannot find an internship that will accept me and therefore, I may not get my degree even though I have a 3.80, now thats a shame. If and when I do graduate, I will start my own program for women offenders and hopefully grants will still be available for this type of project.
Thanks for Listening

Posted by: Vivian | Feb 7, 2005 2:39:07 PM

Sent to US Congress and Canadian Parliament:

We understand from a press clipping that associates of Mr. Conrad Black have been charged with fraud. Takes me back to the time when Martha Stewart was charged.

I think that people like us should live without such insecurity. Prison is meant to isolate some from the rest of us for reasons of security of person and retribution where other means are unavailable.

Martha Stewart contributes much to us. We love her and cherish her beauty intelligence and affect. She’s one of our very nicest gals on TV. Why we would ever throw her into a prison cell over a paltry $50K transaction is beyond me. In any event it is a travesty of justice. No one gains by this. Why not simply have in place a deterrent of a large fine. Perhaps double the take. A fine that wipes out any benefit gained plus adds a penalty (which is conscionable) seems reasonable to me.

To take a Martha Stewart away for six months or six years depending on how much money we think she’s stolen through insider trading is insane. She needs to be at home, loving her family. They need her as do we. We gain no more deterrence value than we do by imposing prohibitive fines.

Someone of Conrad Blacks caliber is another example. Here is a man who has done much for his profession. While in Canada he successfully ran great newspapers including the National Post, which he founded. He is a man of the caliber of a Prime Minister. Should it ever be established that he gained financially in any way that is deemed inappropriate by anyone, I suggest that Mr. Black should be able to go to sleep each night knowing that at the very worst he is looking at financial penalties that he will pay when he is able to and at a decent rate.

People like these should not have to live their lives in fear of losing their personal freedom, taken away from their families and work over any sort of financial misadventures. We are worth more than that. That’s what Mr. Black must think, that’s what Martha believes and for myself I say we can never pay them too much. Think on how much we waste elsewhere here and in the world.

Michael Chessman
Founder – Coalition for a Humanistic British Canada
Post Office Box 75097
Toronto, Ontario M4W-3T3
(416) 323-9229

[email protected]

Posted by: Michael Chessman | Aug 19, 2005 9:02:11 AM

I am currently living in the UK and MR. Chessman's letter and ad in a Canadian newspaper was sent around by a few concerned people on a very neutral website.

No matter how book educated Mr. Chessy man seems to be he is still evil and a thug. It is scary but not suprising that people of his calibre are still allowed to eloquently rant, but rant all the same about their fear and dislike of other races.

I won't get into my views here as they are already inferred, but Mr. Cheesyman is clearly a proud Racist and has backing from as yet unconfirmed friends and associates who think like him (same as Klu Klux Klan hiding their identities if you ask me) is also not of pure (for want of a better word) white.

You are by no means superior to anyone and your passion for hatred of skin colour and the antiquated belief that colour equals intelligence and decides on where a person shall live.

You are, I must reiterate, not "white" you are just a wannabe.

Intrigued by intellectual evil.

Posted by: Intrigued | Dec 6, 2005 6:05:14 AM

This link speaks to the unsatisfactory status of the OJ Simpson affair in its outcome for Ms. Brown


Posted by: Michael Chessman | Feb 1, 2007 9:54:59 AM

This is our most recent video press release regarding dear Miss Martha Stewart:


signed Michael Chessman, Chairman Euro British Coalition

Posted by: Michael Chessman | Mar 17, 2007 2:54:44 AM

our set of video clips on the OJ Simpson affair are available here:


signed Michael Chessman, Chairman Euro British Coalition

Posted by: Michael Chessman | Mar 17, 2007 2:56:59 AM

Hi the Martha Stewart clip is moved here instead:


Posted by: Michael Chessman | Mar 18, 2007 11:42:41 PM

We have an interesting video defence offering for dear Martha Stewart and Lord Conrad Black posted here:


please use this code to embed:

Posted by: Michael Chessman | Mar 28, 2007 8:21:43 PM

this link of ours addresses the questions posed in the farming of the title of this webpage here.


posted by Mr. Michael Chessman
Leader Euro British Coalition http://www.britishcanada.org

Posted by: Michael Chessman | Apr 2, 2007 8:29:10 PM

please visit us at welovemartha.org
for some real "in-sights"

Posted by: Michael Chessman | Apr 8, 2007 10:00:21 AM

we have a couple of video clips on Martha's handling at:


Mr. Michael Chessman
Leader Euro British Coalition Americas

Posted by: Michael Chessman | Apr 19, 2007 7:49:17 AM

We think this video sums up the case against Martha and the lack of validity therein. We think she has a valid complaint on a human rights charge as relates to due process and for malicious prosecution and yes, even persection.


Signed Michael Chessman Leader Euro British Coalition Americas
see it in addition at http:www.eurobritishcoalition.org where its available for a free hi-res download

Posted by: Michael Chessman | Apr 25, 2007 1:52:24 PM

A recent, more comprehensive video defence in respect of Ms. Stewart and Lord Sir Conrad Black of crossharbour is posted at http://www.supportlordconradblack.info

A clip of a juror exclaiming complelete vindication appears additionally at

Posted by: Michael Chessman | Mar 12, 2008 12:33:00 PM

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