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December 15, 2004

Off to Dayton

CitysealcolorwebBlogging will be light on Thursday because I am off in the early morning to Dayton to talk to the Dayton chapter of the Federal Bar Association about Blakely

When I accepted the speaking engagement a few months ago, I thought for sure this mid-December talk would be about Booker and Fanfan.  But thanks the Supreme Court taking it's time, instead we will be talking about the wait for Booker and Fanfan.

Nevertheless, I always get great insights from talking to, and hearing from, practitioners about Blakely and its aftermath.  With luck (and decent driving weather), I should be back on-line late tomorrow to share some of these insights. 

While I am away, I hope the amazing dialogue being conducted around this post in the comments, and on other sites, will continue.  (Thanks to Professor Orin Kerr at The Volokh Conspirary for driving blog traffic here by noting this compelling case.)

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