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December 7, 2004

Preparing to cover Booker and Fanfan in FSR

As I have highlighted (repeatedly) in this space, the Federal Sentencing Reporter has produced three rapid-fire issues covering Blakely since June.  FSR hopes to be able to provide similar coverage of Booker and Fanfan (whenever that decision arrives) by continuing with a flexible production schedule as the dust continues to settle in the aftermath of the Blakely earthquake.  However, because the pages of future issues are already filing fast, I encourage prospective authors to let me know ASAP about any planned article.

A full-page version of front cover (with final page numbers) of the latest FSR issue, Volume 17, Number 2 (Dec. 2004), entitled "Further Implications of Blakely" can be downloaded below.  I have also made available again for downloading a finalized version of my article "Conceptualizing Blakely" which also has final page numbers:

Download fsr_172_front_cover.pdf

Download final_conceptualizing_blakely.pdf

While I am in shameless self-promotion mode, let me note again that details about the two previous Blakely issues are here and here, and that FSR can be ordered on-line here and accessed electronically here.   For true sentencing geeks like me, an FSR subscription might even make a nice Hanukkah or Christmas gift.  (Okay, I know I am going to lose all my credibility with that last claim.)

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How about an FSR giveaway? To the person who gives you the best insider tips via e-mail? Or maybe to the most prolific commenter? Or the person who can write the best 500-word "note" on a current sentencing issue? Or the best Booker & Fanfan haiku? (I've got to qualify for at least one of these categories).

Booker and Fanfan
Freeing, questioning, sealing
Fed Defendants' Fates

Posted by: District Clerk Battling Blakely | Dec 7, 2004 2:08:28 PM

I would, with great pleasure, reward the author of the best Blakely/Booker/Fanfan joke, poem, song parody with a complete set of the three FSR Blakely issues. Right now, the mysterious Milbarge is the front-runner with this post:

My judging standard shall be as mysterious and evolving as the current constitutional sentencing jurisprudence. Come one, come all to this competition.

Posted by: Doug B. | Dec 7, 2004 2:33:58 PM

Hurrah! Perhaps that should be a full post? Otherwise there won't be much competition.

Hurrying back to my laptop to compose,

Posted by: District Clerk Battling Blakely | Dec 7, 2004 3:18:13 PM

oh my gawsh! such a talent!
:) way too funny...
i think i love milbarge

Posted by: mary | Dec 7, 2004 8:56:00 PM

Maybe my prize can be Mary's phone number instead! :) Thanks for the compliments, and the plug!

How big a law-nerd am I if I admit I might have trouble sleeping tonight in anticipation of Booker? I'm like a kid at Christmas.

Posted by: Milbarge | Dec 7, 2004 11:29:24 PM

Just to make sure no one else could win this contest, I have another entry for your consideration, Professor. Given my statement above that I was waiting for the opinion like a kid at Christmas, naturally it's called 'Twas the Night Before Booker. Enjoy!

Posted by: Milbarge | Dec 8, 2004 1:34:43 AM

I have attempted to make a song parody for Booker based on Baby Got Back. My first song parody deserves to be for Booker.


Posted by: Curtis | Dec 8, 2004 11:26:10 AM

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