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December 6, 2004

Resources on Texas justice

0txf Responding to some of my weekend posts here and here on the unique brand of justice in Texas, Scott Henson, a non-lawyer working on sentencing issues in the Texas legislature, referred me to his blog on criminal justice topics, wonderfully named Grits for Breakfast

The Grits Blog includes a lot of coverage of non-capital sentencing issues in Texas — e.g., a great post on drug courts in Texas can be found here, which is a terrific supplement to my recent drug courts post here.  The blog also has many useful links to Texas criminal justice resources and organizations. Check it out, especially if you have a particular interest in Lone Star justice.

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Hey, thanks! To clarify, I don't work *for* the Legislature, I direct the ACLU of Texas Police Accountability Project, and work with the ACLUTX Legislative Committee pushing for criminal justice reform. Sentencing reform is one of our top issues.

Your readers will also want to know about Solutions for Texas, a great resource on Texas sentencing stuff.



Posted by: Scott | Dec 6, 2004 11:01:39 AM

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