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December 10, 2004

Is the Booker/Fanfan delay all my fault?

As I previously obliquely noted in this post, I have discovered a mysterious blog that has developed apparently with the sole purpose, as detailed here and here, of blaming my prognostications for delays in the release of Booker and Fanfan. 

Though the anonymous blog so far has only two posts, it may soon earn a place in my blogroll; not only do I enjoy the mocking, but I am quite impressed with this post's trenchant analysis of how the Justices are voting, and what is taking so long, in Booker and Fanfan.

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Legal Technician

Just a follow up on whether you could be responsible for delays in the release of decisions from the highest court in this nation. I visited the unknown blog and posted my official comment. I must agree with you that the thought process and analysis on which way the Supreme Court will potentially rule appears lucid and well thought out. Interesting to note how such wisdom in one area can lack such basic common sense in many other obvious areas. Since you are now in control of the Supreme Court's opinion releases, perhaps the unknown blogger may point out some of the unknown government conspiracies/cover-ups. Anyway, our official CFER responsive comment can be viewed on the unknown blog.

Center for Equal Rights
Ronald L. Humphreys, Director

Posted by: Ronald L. Humphreys | Dec 11, 2004 5:53:43 AM

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ronald, both here and there.

I actually get a kick out of the mysterious site, in part because it is another great example of the power and intrigue of the medium of blogging. And the idea that a blogger -- and especially me -- could directly control the timing of a huge Supreme Court decision is itself an ironic comment on the power and intrigue of the medium of blogging. It also makes me feel like a character in a John Grisham novel.

Posted by: Doug B. | Dec 11, 2004 6:22:15 AM

For those, unlike you, Professor, who are troubled, perhaps a primer is helpful:

Posted by: A. Non Emus | Dec 11, 2004 8:10:37 AM

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