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December 3, 2004

Wolf! Wolf! ... I mean Booker and Fanfan

Like the young man in the fable "The boy who cried wolf," I am going to (yet again) predict that Booker and Fanfan are on the horizon.  Marty Lederman at the SCOTUS Blog is reporting here that the Supreme Court "will be issuing one or more opinions from argued cases on both Tuesday and Wednesday of next week." 

I hope that means we will see Booker and Fanfan within a week, but of course I have been wrong in predicting a forthcoming opinion twice before.  This time I am wondering as well if we might even see an opinion in Roper v. Simmons, the juvenile death penalty case, although I have been assuming that one would not be coming for a while.  Of course, stay tuned.

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Would it not be cool if it was issued on Tuesday, December 7th?

If it does, I expect a speech from the Sentencing Commission on Wednesday to say

"Yesterday, December 7, 2004 – a date which will live in infamy...."

Posted by: Jeff Wood | Dec 3, 2004 3:36:57 PM

These SCOTUS Blog people seem to be right about when opinion are coming down. How do they know this?? Is this information publicly available? Do they have a mole inside the otherwise-secret Court? If the Court provides this information legitimately to fancy Supreme Court lawyers, why not give the information to unwashed masses?

Posted by: what | Dec 3, 2004 4:44:44 PM

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