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January 12, 2005

Commentary and more commentary

I have barely had a chance to review the Booker and Fanfan opinions, and it will likely take until the wee hours tonight before I can post any really thoughtful and reflective comments.  But others in the blogshpere are already chiming in effectively:

Consider also the amazing and compious commentary by so many thoughtful readers already to my prior posts on the decision:

In addition, I have been trying, without much success, to explain the decision and its impact to various media folk.  I will being try again, with a little more time, on PBS tonight as part of the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer.

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Good luck on PBS Prof. Berman. Of course we'll all be watching you to critique your critique... can't let all this blog-fame get to your head!

Posted by: District Clerk Battling Blakely | Jan 12, 2005 4:52:33 PM

We look forward to your commentary on PBS -- and thank you.

Loved one of a drug war prisoner

Posted by: Nora Callahan | Jan 12, 2005 6:24:31 PM

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