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January 17, 2005

Interesting plans for figuring out Booker

Though I have spotlighted notable quotes about Booker from newspaper stories here, what caught my eye in this Denver Post article was a report on how US District Judge Edward Nottingham has decided to figure out post-Booker federal sentencing realities:

The judge said he would hold a hearing in which attorneys from a half-dozen such troubling cases would make oral arguments about how to proceed in the new world of criminal sentencing.  "I've now decided I'm going to set them for consolidated oral argument," Nottingham said.

In addition to being intrigued by all the different possible suggestions that might be made at Judge Nottingham's consolidated oral argument, this account documents that judges will be sorting through Booker issues in a variety of ways.  Some may act surprisingly fast like Judge Cassell (basics here, commentary here are here), while others may devise a much more deliberative process for charting a path in the post-Booker world.

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