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January 16, 2005

Potent Quotables

In the course of linking here to all of last week's newspaper stories about Booker, I suggested it would be interesting to assemble in one place all the quotes from judges that appear in the articles.  One of my terrific students did me two better: she assembled quotes not only from judges, but also from prosecutors and defense attorneys, addressing last week's remarkable developments.

I have provided below for downloading three documents with all these quotes.  Each set, and especially all three collectively, make for very interesting reading.  As before, I encourage readers to use the comments to spotlight quotes that seem especially notable.

Download booker_quotes_from_judges.doc

Download booker_quotes_from_prosecutors.doc

Download booker_quotes_from_defense_attorneys.doc

UPDATEHow Appealing provides a set of the Sunday articles and editorial about the Booker ruling here, although I did not see any quotes that jumped off the page of the articles linked there. 

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Man, I just can't believe it. I read the judges responses from the news articles and then I read the prosecutors responses. Off the top, the prosecutors must think they are the only ones who know how to sentence a defendant. There is absolutely no faith or trust in the federal judges to make wise decisions across the board, is there? They have a fabricated fear and a inordinate distrust of judges, that they will be wildly inconsistent and cause disparity and confusion around the country. Chaos will reign if the judges are left to make decisions on their own.

It sounds like the prosecutors are threatening the judges by saying, "Oh, the Congress and the DOJ is going to react and you'll be sorry! You're going to pay for your insubordination." It's like the governments' prosecutors have to carry a big stick around with them, threatening and cajoling, to make them feel strong and powerful. The big bad-ass government employee out to curb crime...and have to be in control.

It reminds me when I was a teenager during the Viet Nam war and my Marine soldier brother home for leave and I went to the local park to throw a frisbee...when we witnessed a very young, shaved headed, just out of boot camp Marine step out of a car with his dad, wearing his gold and blue Marine t-shirt, walking like he had huge muscles bulging under his arms and swaggering like he had huge ones between his legs. My brother, all of twenty years old, became incensed and began to taunt this young Marine by screaming at him(baby killer, ya gonna burn villages?)...my brother had been in Viet Nam for the past nine months and had friends wwho had their heads blown off, arms missing, legs mangled,etc(it's what caused my brother to become a physical therapist later). I have to admit, at age 14, I was impressed with this slick looking new Marine...until the guy began to cower squimishly as my bronzed buffed battle hardened brother humiliated him. The new Marines' arms came down, his head bowed and he looked like he was going to wet his pants. I expected a confrontation but this 5 foot 6 inch blowfish just deflated under the pressure. And that's how I see the government's attorneys...all of them. Blowfish, puffed up and full of talk and bluster...until they get slammed down and don't get their way...then they wimper and cower under the pressure. The government seems to attract these type of individuals.

If only for a brief time, this situation is good for all Americans...the pendulam swings back to justice...this is humbling for all of us!

Posted by: Fred | Jan 16, 2005 11:34:35 PM


Posted by: Bill O'Bryan | Jan 17, 2005 6:59:27 PM

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