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January 20, 2005

The product of collaborative efforts

As detailed in this post from last night, attorney Alex Eisemann asked to use this space to solicit comments and suggestions as he raced to complete a rapid-fire letter brief for a Booker case in the Second Circuit.  The final letter, now filed, can be downloaded below, and Alex asked that I post this note to accompany it:

Here is my response to the government's letters.  Not a work of art but, considering the limited amount of time I had to draft it, pretty much made the points I felt necessary.  I'd like to thank everyone who contributed ideas, citations and cut-and-paste-able discussions, which they'll recognize in some sections of the letter. If this process proved anything, aside from proving the generosity of others, it was the incredible power of collaborative work over the internet. With a touch of a button, I was able to tap into hundreds if not thousands of legal minds and experience to help put this together in a very short period of time.

One footnote: A courthouse insider tells me the Second Circuit's upcoming decision may be through a case argued last week, so all the help may have been primarily for the benefit of my client but perhaps all three of the pending cases will become part of the Second Circuit's decision. No matter what, I'm grateful for everyone's fine efforts, as will be my client.

Alex Eisemann

Download 2d_cir_response_letters.pdf

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