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February 12, 2005

Celebrating a month of Booker

Today marks one month since Booker was handed down, and a quick Westlaw search brings up 132 on-line federal decisions (and 46 state decisions) mentioning Booker.  Of course, that's only the visible tip of the Booker iceberg, since Judge Hinojosa's testimony to the House on Thursday reported on 733 cases sentenced on or after January 12 as of February 4.  And that number is also "light" since pre-Blakely/Booker data suggest that the federal sentencing system was imposing over 5000 sentences each month.  (I continue to wonder how much Blakely and Booker could depress the overall number of cases brought in the federal system.)

To celebrate a month of Booker, my terrific research assistant create yet another printer-friendly Word document version with imbedded links and a TOC of all the text of this blog since Booker was handed down.  You can download all 142 pages below.

Download slp_blog_jan_12_to_feb_11.doc

And if anyone is nostalgic for those halcyon days before Booker consumed this blog, my RA also created a document, available below, with all the posts from the start of the year through the day before Booker arrived.

Download slp_blog_jan_1_through_jan_11.doc

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