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February 28, 2005

More insightful Booker metaphors

In this post I spotlighted some of the Booker song references I have seen, and this comment has added a Booker version of Bob Dylan's "Times They Are a-Changing."  But at the AFDA seminar I attended last week, there seemed to be a pop culture reference shift to movies and books, with The Wizard of Oz, The Perfect Storm and Alice in Wonderland all getting a Booker spin. 

Professor Margareth Etienne (along with Atlanta Federal Defender, Natasha Perdew Silas) gets credit for turning the Supreme Court's sentencing jurisprudence into a trip to Oz. And today Margareth sent me a draft of a forthcoming Booker commentary which shows she has no shortage of useful Booker metaphors.  In the piece that can be downloaded below — which is titled "Into the Briar Patch?: Power Shifts Between prosecution and Defense after United States v. Booker" and is forthcoming in the Spring 2005 issue of the Valparaiso Law Review — Margareth explains how the "Tar Baby story is instructive in understanding the latest developments in the regulation of federal sentencing."

Download etienne_re_booker.doc

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