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February 24, 2005

The Blakely beat goes on in the states

Despite my own desire to keep up with the state Blakely story (see here and here), the Booker story lines have consumed this blog.  Nevertheless, the state Blakely story keep chugging along. 

For example, in Minnesota there were recently two Blakely remands, see State v. Crow, 2005 WL 406201 (Minn. App. Feb. 22, 2005); State v. Smith, 2005 WL 406313 (Minn. App. Feb. 22, 2005), while in Ohio there were two more rejections of Blakely claims, see State v. Gann, 2005 WL 406214, 2005-Ohio-678 (Ohio App. 12 Dist. Feb. 22, 2005); State v. Moore, 2005 WL 405706, 2004-Ohio-676 (Ohio App. 3 Dist. Feb 22, 2005).  And the always active California now has more than 500(!) on-line appellate dispositions mentioning Blakely.

In addition, the New Jersey Supreme Court this coming Tuesday (March 1st) at 10:00 am is hearing a set of major Blakely cases. That argument can be followed via live webcast at this link. The New Jersey Commission To Review Criminal Sentencing has prepared a helpful informational report about the two cases NJ Blakely cases, Natale and Abdullah, which can be downloaded here:

Download nj_commission_blakely_report.pdf

I have previously detailed in posts here and here background on the engaging and dynamic story of Blakely in New Jersey, and I posted the first set of NJ Supreme Court briefs here.  I have now received, and provide below, what I believe are the final set of briefs in these NJ Blakely cases:

Download defense_nj_natale_supp. Response Brief.pdf

Download state_nj_natale_supp. Response brief.pdf

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