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April 25, 2005

Lunchtime around the blogsphere

A quick mid-day tour of blogs has led me to a number of items that merit linking, especially because they cover a range of sentencing topics that has recently had me thinking (and blogging):

UPDATE: An afternoon tour of the blogsphere suggests adding this items:

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As always I find your postings timely and compelling. As a criminal defense lawyer in Houston, Texas, I can only hope that public opinion will support a revamping of the punishment systems in both the state and federal courts. Both systems should focus on crafting sentencing alternatives to youthful and/or first time offenders. It is disturbing to see so many young people sentenced to extreme periods of incarceration, especially when they are being used as “mules” to carry drugs in amounts that expose them to a lifetime behind bars. It is now all too common to find young offenders charged with possessing drugs in amounts that were once reserved to high level drug traffickers. I don’t know the answer to the drug problem, but I do know that something needs to be done to improve our system of punishment, which as it stands now is unjust and in many cases completely blind to the unique circumstances of the defendant and particular facts of the case.

John Floyd, Criminal Defense Lawyer, Houston, Texas

Posted by: John Floyd | Apr 25, 2005 4:48:05 PM

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