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April 16, 2005

More additions for the (endless) sentencing reading list

Though I am still catching up with all of this month's legal developments (highlights here and here and here), my academic reading list continues to grow.  In addition to all the articles listed here and here, I am making time to read the following pieces appearing recently on SSRN:

In addition, Professor Susan Klein and Judge Morris Hoffman were both kind enough to send me their recent articles on Booker with posting permission. Professor Klein's article is entitled "The Return of Federal Judicial Discretion in Criminal Sentencing," and will be published in a symposium issue of the Valparaiso Law Review; Judge Hoffman's article is entitled "Booker, Pragmatism And The Moral Jury."  Both are terrific reads and are available below.

Download judge_morris_hoffman_on_booker.doc

UPDATE: I am hopeful, though not certain, that I have fixed technical problems with the Klein article now available here: Download prof_klein_on_booker.doc

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not plug once more my own contributions to this endless reading list: my "Reconceptualizing Sentencing" article, which is slated for publication in the next issue of the University of Chicago Legal Forum, is available at this post; my article "Beyond Blakely and Booker: Pondering Modern Sentencing Process," which is slated for publication in a coming issue of the Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology, is available at this post.

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