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April 9, 2005

Notable items about blogs

To express thanks for the link, let me note this long article from the Chicago Tribune discussing The Becker-Posner Blog.  At the end of the article, this blog is placed on a short list of "Other popular and influential academic and/or legal blogs."  I am flattered, but the absence of How Appealing or SCOTUSblog on the list is damning to the article's authoritativeness (or perhaps reflects a geographical bias: no east-coast blog  made the list).

The Volokh Conspiracy does make the Chicago Tribune's list, and there Eugene Volokh has this nice post on "Blogging and Blog-Reading -- Why and Why Not."

And what is described as the first death row blog, Meet Vernon, is already generating a debate between Jeralyn Merritt at TalkLeft and Michele Malkin.

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While the How Appealing and SCOTUS blogs are good, yours is better.

Posted by: anon | Apr 9, 2005 8:10:48 AM

Awww sucks, I'm blushing.

Posted by: Doug B. | Apr 9, 2005 8:18:13 AM

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