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April 11, 2005

The (Booker) fix is in?

I received from various sources news that the House republicans have developed a Booker fix and attached it to a bill that will be considered in the House tomorrow.  I have not yet seen the bill, but I do see that Families Against Mandatory Minimums has some details about this (unexpected?) development at this link

I am at an airport kiosk, and likely won't be able to provide more details or links until much later tonight.  In the meantime, folks in the know are encouraged to leave comments with details, and I hope to be able to discuss this major news more when I am back to a fully functional computer late tonight.

UPDATE: I see that the US Sentencing Commission has on its home page some details about its planned meeting and hearing tomorrow. I wonder if the USSC got any advance word of this seemingly sudden proposed Booker fix. It does not appear to be on the USSC's hearing agenda, and I do not see any mention of this issue in the testimony from the Justice Department officials scheduled to testify before the USSC tomorrow.

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