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April 18, 2005

The legal attack on lethal injection

With thank to How Appealing for the tip, I see that USA Today has this interesting article discussing the "the latest legal challenge to lethal injection, the nation's most used but increasingly controversial form of execution."  The piece discusses a constitutional challenge to lethal injection unfolding in a Kentucky case, which comes on the heels of new medical evidence that some inmates might experience awareness and suffering during their execution (discussed here at DPIC's website).

I was intrigued to see the article's report that Fordham Professor Deborah Denno will be testifying on behalf of the prisoners in this Kentucky litigation.  The USA Today article also makes reference to a 2002 article she wrote on lethal injection as part of this symposium on capital punishment that I helped organize for the Ohio State Law Journal.  That article, which can be accessed here, is the most comprehensive examination of lethal injection that I have seen in the law review literature (counting charts and appendices, it runs 200(!) journal pages).  The prisoners in Kentucky have thus ensured that the court is getting truly expert information about this method of execution.

Additional information about methods of execution can be found at this page from the Death Penalty Information Center.  The history of execution methods is a fascinating story, as detailed in discussions here and here about the electric chair, and this discussion of older execution techniques.

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