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May 3, 2005

A musical summary of Booker appeals

I was hoping my musical take on a recent 11th Circuit Booker decision might jump-start the once-fervent, now-dormant Blakely-Booker song parody craze.   (As detailed in the comments to this post, late last year Milbarge of Begging the Question had earned the title of Weird-Blakely Yankovic with his inspiring and hysterical Take a Walk on the Blakely Side and 'Twas the Night Before Booker.  And those with different musical tastes could fill out their collection with Booker's Got Back from Curtis.)

Wonderfully, the fine folks at Begging the Question have stepped up to the silly song challenge with a Booker-ized version of a classic from The Eagles.   As the mysterious Fitz-Hume explains, this brilliant Booker song parody is "about the vagaries of appealing a conviction in the post-Booker world."  Here are the first two stanzas, and at this post you can enjoy the full Desperado:

Why you appealin' your sentence?
All of your brilliance, it won't help you now.
You got a long time,
But the judge had her reasons.
These things you're appealin'
Can hurt you somehow.

Don't you draw the 'leventh Circuit, boy,
If your error is a plain one.
You know the Ninth out west is always your best bet.
Now some judges are the harsh ones,
And some judges are humane ones,
So you roll the dice and take what you can get...

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