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May 3, 2005

New report on marijuana offenses

I have just received a note from folks at The Sentencing Project about its new report on marijuana policy, entitled "The War on Marijuana: The Transformation of the War on Drugs in the 1990s." The report, which can be accessed at this link, indicates that "since 1990, law enforcement priorities have become heavily skewed toward arresting low-level marijuana offenders as part of the 'war on drugs' strategy."  The e-mail I received details the following highlights of the report:

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citizen convicted of posession

Posted by: andrew dunn | May 3, 2005 8:13:59 PM

i have read this entire report. i was convicted of" traffiking by posession" last year (2004) in north carolina . also "manufacturing" and "maintaining a dwelling" all for the same occurence of growing some marijuana in my backyard. i was given 2 yrs probated sentence aafter providing "substantial assistance" to the state. i feel i was "lucky" in that the arresting officer stood up for me by saying in court that he didnt think i was actually "trafficking" as there was no evidence ie scales, baggies, money. the reason for the trafficking charge was the amount ( over 10 lbs. i had approx. 10 plants and they weighed them wet) they had just been watered that morning. i know that i was doing something illegal, but i wasn't selling, nor did i have any intention of selling or otherwise distributing this product. it began for me as a way of trying to save money (big mistake), and then turned into a very interesting project for me. i had no record before this but now i'm a convicted felon. this has affected me in subtle ways. im a self employed carpenter so it hasnt hurt me there, but it has affected my own view of myself in that i feel like a 2nd class citizen, like im viewed (by the state) as a criminal, that ive lost certian rights, some of which i didnt care about before , but now that they're lost, they seem to have become important. most of my life has been as a law abiding citizen, and i still feel that way, i respect the law (or most of them pot laws being the exception) i have never been a problem to society, im 52 yrs old and am a non-violent individual. any way thats what i wanted to say , i hope i havnt taken up to much of you're time. this is the first time ive said any of this publicly and the first time ive even looked at a blog thank you andy

Posted by: andy | May 3, 2005 10:04:17 PM

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