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May 16, 2005

Week in review and preview

Though the press is focused on the looming filibuster showdown (consider How Appealing's coverage here and here), I am focused on a big sentencing week ahead.  The Supreme Court is back in action, which brings the prospect of notable new opinions and cert. grants (or at least more Booker GVRs). 

Also this week, as detailed here, I am expecting an interesting Booker opinion from District Judge Paul Cassell.  We might also see more legislative sentencing developments on the Hill.  And, of course, we are still awaiting an en banc ruling on Booker plain error from the Ninth Circuit in Ameline, as well as state supreme court Blakely decisions from California, New Jersey and maybe Tennessee upon reconsideration.

Of course, we are just coming off another big sentencing week.  Some early highlights from last week were assembled in this post, and below I have organized and linked some later developments:





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Of course, we are just coming off another big sentencing week.

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