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June 21, 2005

A chance to catch up on great reading

I am heading on the road again today back to Ohio, and thus off-line for the rest of the day.  In addition to providing a much-needed break after yesterday's manic Monday of remarkable sentencing developments, this day off-line provides a chance to catch up on all the great sentencing reading that has piled up in the last few days. 

In addition to all the Supreme Court rulings from Monday — from the Supremes in DC and from the California contingent in Black (basics here, commentary here) — I am also eager to read more carefully the trio of great opinions from Judge Adelman (details here) and the latest magnum opus from Judge Gertner (details here).  Also worthy of lots of attention are the briefs filed in the Angelos mandatory minimum case from the 10th Circuit (available here) and in the fast-track debate in the SDNY district court (available here).  And if you want to listen rather than read, do not forget the big Blakely case argued today in the Indiana Supreme Court , Ryle v. State, which concerns the scope of the prior conviction exception and can be seen on-line here.

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