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June 8, 2005

Another challenge to sex offender law fails

As has already been noted here and here by others in the blogsphere, the 11th Circuit on Monday in Doe v Moore, No. 04-10279 (11th Cir. June 6, 2005) (available here) rebuffed defendants' claims that Florida's sex offender registration/notification scheme and DNA collection statute violated their constitutional rights to due process, equal protection, travel, separation of powers, and freedom from ex post facto legislation.  Considered in conjunction with the recent 8th Circuit Doe v. Miller decision upholding sex offender residency restrictions (discussed here), it is becoming ever more clear that most lower federal courts are unlikely to find constitutional problems with state efforts to regulate the post-incarceration lives of sexual offenders.

On a related note, there was an interesting recent discussion over at PrawfsBlawg about this news that a group of Texas developers are planning a development that promises to be free from registered sex-offenders.  Both Christine Hurt and Kaimi Wegner had thought-provoking posts on the topic.

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I have a few thoughts on this topic. Although sex offenders commit horrendous crimes and should be punished accordingly, there are those who are called sex offenders who never actually commit physical crimes against another person. These laws stereotype the criminals, despite the facts of their crime, and label them without thought. In reference I say this: Persons who are in possession of child pornography are labeled as sex offenders just as are those persons who rape 10 women. This, in my opinion, is unjust. And for these people to have to register not only as sex offenders but to have to continue to be registered for seven-ten years is unheard of. Is jail time and supervised release, as well as the label of the crime itself, not punishment enough? Don't get me wrong, there are those who deserve to register ect. In fact, all should probably register. However the amount of time required by law to be a registered sex offender should vary upon the crime. I am a History major with a minor in Latin currently attending law school with personal experience in such areas.

Posted by: Suzy | Jun 15, 2005 12:48:16 PM

The simple fact is, what has made all of this possible in the first place is computer technology. There's already talk of registering other types of offenders and even people associated with certain groups. See Sheriff Baca in California who wants a registery for skin heads and neo-nazi groups.
Here's what's in our future in no particular order:

Special license plates for DWI offendors, Sex Offendors and any other kind of offender.

GPS tracking for all felons.

Zoning felons to specific geographic areas. This already occurs by rent restrictions.

Sex Offenders and other felons will be denied health care, education and being admitted into an 'old age' home. ( This is already happening. )

All of this will lead to:

Automatic lifetime incarceration for all sex offenses.

Death Penalty for any 'contact' sex offenses.

From there...other things will happen.

There is NO DOUBT in my mind, that America has been lost. When you have a Supreme Court that says going back and making someone register AFTER their sentence is done is not a violation of the constitution, why even HAVE a constitution. It's laughable on it's face. Corporations can now confiscate private property. The list goes on. Why does THIS surprise anyone.

America is dead and CNN and FOX and your local TV reporters KILLED IT with 'what bleeds, leads' giving America the impression that you need to live inside a fortress and your computer will keep you safe because if you just 'knew who the bad guys were you could' ...you could...uhmmm...uhmmm...BE MORE AFRAID. Meanwhile, anything of substance that they should be using the airwaves for, is non-existant.

Remember the boy scout recently lost in Utah, he EVADED the people looking for him for four days for FEAR OF BEING KIDNAPPED. It's a mindset in our culture.

I'll say it again and again and again. Statistically the most potentially dangerous person to your child is....YOU or someone in your family. Further, over 80% of sex offenses are committed by someone who doesn't have a prior record.

It's over, man. This society, the people of this nation, aren't deserving of what was given to them because there are too many people willing to piss it away with such ease.

James Madison said, 'I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.'

Those founding fathers said a lot of good things that we've seemed to have tossed out the window.

'They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither.'
- Benjamin Franklin

Oh well, we made it for 220 years, then the computer came along and everyone went insane. Ted Kaczynski was right. How funny is that ? This decline in civil liberties began in the 90's. Ruby Ridge, Waco. You don't think so ?

How many children did the US Government kill at Waco, burned to a crisp ? 33 was it ? Shot Randy Weavers wife standing in the door of his house holding his 15 month old daughter with a sniper rifle. Killed her dead. Why ? Because he wouldn't cooperate with them and become an informant.

I have a question. If we 'won the cold war' then why are we acting more like THEM now, the people who we fought all those years, than they do ?

You can no longer travel to Canada or Mexico, that is LEAVE this country without a passport that is of course, issued by the federal government starting in 2007. We're sealing the border up to...KEEP PEOPLE IN. Wasn't there another country that used to do that. Who WAS it that did that kind of thing again ?

Pssst....The US didn't win the cold war. We're just in the 'selling off' phase.

Show me your paperssss ....

People better wake up before it's too late. You may have to stand up for the rights of some people you dont' like but remember you may need them when they come after you, brother.

Posted by: 8generation | Jul 14, 2005 4:21:55 AM

Hello I mean you neither anger nor harm in what I am about to ask you or say. However people seem to have such a closed mind and must be unaware of how this Registry effects people. I do not condone anyone who rapes or molest little boys and girls. I fight and speak up for the men and women's life's that groups like your destroy and to mention their families lives. Well I have come to the realization that the registry list is nothing but a modern day Schindlers list. It violates the accused person's constitutional rights every day. How? Well it’s simple, re-punishing someone for a crime that they have already been punished for and singling out one crime from the next. Oh yeah, and to put the icing on the cake even certain people that have committed sex crimes are singled out from the list; the military. The " Megan’s Law " clearly states the reason for this law is to protect our community and children from Violate and habitual sexual predators. Being classified as a sex offender because a person was in a consensual relationship dose not make them any of these. It sickens me that these laws are meant to protect, but they give false hope and information to our community and not to mention destroy the lives of children and families of sexual offenders by punishing them as well. If Megan’s law is meant to protect … then if a person supposedly violates this registration why do they get a bond? If they were so concerns that these people are a threat and don’t know were they are, wouldn’t they keep them in jail? It’s a slap in the face and a big joke. It’s all about the money! It’s time for people to make a change. My goal is to make a difference and educate myself and come in contact with as many people in power and knowledge to change these laws. I believe the rapist should be known about but not people like my fiancé. I can tell you the pain that this registry has caused us. You group all offenders as one and you call sexual predators offenders? These people are put into one big group and you rally for it? For example my fiancé was charged with an attempted lewd act when he was 18 years old and his girlfriend was 15. All the kids hung out together. Why wouldn’t they? They were all peers and friends. Everyone’s parents were aware of the situation and had no problem with them dating. However, the state did, and no matter what the parents said or did the state separated the teens and charged my fiancé with the lewd act and off to prison he went! Now my fiancé and I are expecting a baby in 2 months. When I met him he was traveling back and forth from West Virginia to Florida for work. He grew up in Florida (where he got the attempted lewd act) and then moved to West Virginia. He came to Florida to only work, but then met me and decided to stay. He never had a permanent or temporary address because he would work here a few days and then travel back to West Virginia. However, he is now being charged with failure to comply with the reg. rules because when he decided to make Florida his resident. A police officer called him and said that he did not comply with the rules because he had gotten a ticket on 8-16-05 and registered his new address on 8-30-05, and that he had been living here that whole time, which is not true. The public defender that was appointed to him told him he was looking at prison time. This is sad it dose not protect children because he daughter will now suffer. People that have had consensual sexual relationships or similar matters should not be on the same list as baby rapist! People should have the right to know the difference. When a person hears the words sexual offender, rapist is what comes to their minds and that is sad. It’s sad that good men that made a mistake, such as being young and in love are classified with predators.

Posted by: Kari | Nov 20, 2005 8:50:13 PM

I am a mother of a child that has been screwed by the very laws that are supposed to protect us and used to think that there was actually justice and goodnes in this world I was so very wrong!!!!!!!!
I do agree with what you said that all so called sexual offenders are all clasified in the same catagory and this is just not right! My son to got caught up in the same situation and had consentual sex only 1 time with a girl he was 17 the girl lied about her age and said that she was 15 I seen her before the nightmare happened she looked to me like she was 16 or 17 she was taking hormones for a problem that she has which made her look much older she was in fact 13 and only her and a couple people she was friends with new her real age obviousley besides her famil. she was permisquious dressing much older and the like. This girls mother knew of the relationship and had no problem with it fully knowing how old her daughter is and how old my son was but never said a word to him she also dropped her daughter off at our house when we were not home and took the pair to the mails and the like until one day when my sons ex-phsyco girlfriend came over to our house and walked in on them in the bedroom, somehow she new this girl and her real age and out of jealosy made a big stink about it and told the girls brother and then proceded to go to the police with this! my son being nieve and not thinking he did anything wrong because he thought that she was of legal age went with the police when they came nocking on our door and stated the truth on what happened still not understanding that he did anything wrong then bing bang boom they wisked him off to county jail!!! now the girls mother went to pick-up her daughter from the cop station and told her side of it all wich of course did not matter bacause the STATE took over the case and never told the mother what was going on for all she new my son was home and nothing happened to him until she found the real story and that he was in jail and this woman did everything in her power to get this dropped and get my son free from prison but it was to late and even though she even wrote a letter for the prosecuter to bring to the hearings stating that she wanted my son released and explaining about her daughter and her hormones pills and they make her daughter look older and she acted accordingly and the like and it was not my sons fault the state prosecuter did not care he just wanted a notch in his belt of another conviction never brought forth the very statement that just may have freed my son from this lifelong nightmare and the fear of 6-30 years in prison scared him so much that he listened to the joke of a lawyer we had which got him out of prison but to have this nightmare noose around his neck for the rest of his life convinced my son that he was going to persue a lesser charge for him and get him out of prison and that is all my son was looking at was out of prison and to scared to take the case to trial because the lawyer said that he was guilty do to the fact that they did have sex even though it was consentual and he could possibly face at the very least 6 years down state well my son believed him and unfortunatley so did I and to this day he is constantly harrassed by the cops who keep coming to our house just to harrass him and threaten that if my son even so much as gets a parking ticket that they will throw him in jail and laugh as they walk out the door!! Now I ask you is this justice? should cases such as this be catergorized with people who actually do rape kids and have unconsentual sex with and the like?? This is unconstitutional and and outrage this should have never happened to my son but it did and he is classified with the rest of them!! The laws need to change and there has got to be a lawyer out there in this world that can do this this is not a sexual offence it is a case of one person trusting another and getting hung for it!!!! I am outraged and ashamed to be an american if this is what is allowed in our country it sounds like some third world country that have no brains and could care less about people's lives

Posted by: Cindy | Jan 23, 2006 8:58:51 PM

In 1997 I was accused of sexual abuse it was by a sixteen year old female, I was a counseler in a group home I had gotten the job through a friend at the time, I had no experience for my job and I just needed a job I have a daughter to support and was going through a very hard seperation from my then wife I was out of work six mths prior to getting this job in the group home, well to get to the point one of the detention girls developed a fixation on me and when she was rejected as kindly as I could be to her my world became hell
I did 18mths in the local jail I took a plea agreement that was a farse my court appointed attorney told me that the plea bargin was the quicker way out and that this whole mess would dissapper well let me tell you never take the quicker way out never accept any plea agreement never give up your name ever, so I did the time was released after serving the full time, went on about my life for six and a half years tried to live a good life and just tried to move on, and I was I never had a criminal record before that or since, but it doesn't matter in the fall of 2003 I was out mowing my lawn and the post man showed up with a letter I sighned for it then was shocked to see that the state of New York was looking for me so that they could have me register for the sexaul offenders registration Meagan's Law now remember this is six and a half years later from being released from jail so as you can imagine by then my life was pretty normal I was engaged had a home a good job and a good queit life,I never bothered anyone and I payed my taxes etc..
well after 7mths of going back to New York and trying to resolve this matter and as this great lawyer that I had promised it will all go away, well folks this is not the case I have been rated a level two offender I was supposed to register until early 2007 with time credited to the fact that they had let me "slip" through the crackes and like before the formal plea agreement wasn't upheld by the state Of New York, so if any of this is making since to anyone it's really the point of lost rights. how is it that any new law that is made about sex offenses applies to all sex offenders? I mean why is it always retro active? if we as a society are going to buy this crap then perhaps all laws should be retro active so we need to go back and make all judges congressmen and cops that have used there authority and done illegal things register now even if they served there time paid there fines and whatever, make them go for photographs, finger prints call there jobs call there schools and then we should start a frenzy about when cars drive off bridges and our girlfriends are found in them I want to know why the parties responsible are making and passing laws for the counrty when is it gtoing to end, my life turned out pretty rotten now.
no girlfriend bouncing from job to job because everrytime the call your employer the job suddenly is lost I have been living with friends and living like a nomad for about 1yr now, is this really just I served my country I didn't commit the crime but money is the power without it your going to pay dearly.
how many of these chats are we going to have on-line before we start coming out to the public line, I say to you other sex offenders don't let them hurt you aqny longer start living again come out from behind those closed doors get it together the time is now, you will be surprised once you stop living in shame we are the only ones who know what's really going on here so start talking start shouting remember paul revere america? well like him we need to warn the others and this time it's not the Britsh it's your government.
thank you all so much

Posted by: ERIC | Jan 26, 2006 9:11:37 PM

I live in Texas were laws are very strict. I myself am in a serious situation and could face serious concequences. I am all for registering but like everybody else, not everycase is the same and they should not be treated as such. My situation is very screwed up. I recently got married to a mother of two kids who are now 4 and 6. The biological father has been out of the picture for about 1 1/2 years but the oldest has scattered memories. Whenever there are big changes, such as our marriage, my step daughter acts out out makes strange comments about her biological father. Well to make a long story short, I have been acused of indecency. The kicker is is that the bio father has a history of young partner relation ships and there has been question of abuse prior to the marriage. But, my step daughter calls me daddy and the allegations are now directed towards me! This has torn our family completely apart and so far cost us over $14,000 dollars and I have only had a pre-trial hearing. If I can not prove with out a doubt that I am innocent, I face conviction and to have my life destroyed for something I did not do. When the State takes over a case, there is nothing to be said that will change the process.....Everybody is on my side, but yet can still do nothing but watch as things tumble apart. My fear is that my mariage will be lost because I will no longer be able to have contact with the kids and in turn my wife. How can anyone stay married while separated until their kids reach legal age?? The marriage will be lost. I will be at a minimum of $20,000 in debt to lawyers and courts. At the minimum, I will be labeled as a sex offender for the rest of my life and have probation for some period of time. Ofcourse, that all depends on how much more money I can come up with...And where is the biological father?? No where to be found. Dogging the Attorney General for child support and bouncing from state to state. With no physical evidence against him, I become the fall guy....and the state doesn't give a damb. Does this sound like justice? It took 4 months for my wife to satisfy CPS enough for them to give the kids back. In that time, they're lives were turned upside down. Who cares about them?? They continuesly ask to speak to me and they can't. They think I'm off at work or that I'm mad at them. My wife tries to explain that I will come back soon. But the chances of that are slim and 14 years is not soon. How can CPS empress such mental anguish on these kids without any conviction in the first place? Suzy was right, it's a shame things have become what they are.

Posted by: Pete | Mar 8, 2006 5:37:32 PM

I invite those who have been subjected to or that know someone subjected to the current sex offender laws to join our support group at the following address: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/roar_4_freedom

We support those who have been convicted of a sexual offense as well as the victims of sexual offenses, in which we have many members.

We also fight the laws that are being unfairly applied to RSO's (Reformed Sex Offenders ). Members share their knowledge and experiances so
you gain an understanding of the laws for you state.

As many people do not have the funds or knowledge to fight these laws, we offer you advice (I am the legal advisor) and can help you to file for different actions.

We hope to see you in the near future.

Posted by: kiokwus | Jun 16, 2006 2:38:42 PM

Sometimes living the life of a sex offender still on probation leaves me feeling hopeless that my future will have much worth or purpose. Certainly my present does not have much satisfaction. To know that for the rest of my life my country will consider me a worthless throw away citizen is depressing. At least citizens have the right to vote, so actually I am less than a citizen who was born and raised here. My crime was getting two fifteen minute massages from a foreign exchange student staying in my apartment for a couple of weeks. Oh, yes, I also put aloe vera lotion on her sunburn after we spent an hour at the beach. I acted inappropriately by being naked in my apartment in the presence of the fifteen year old European girl, and for that I will be a registered sex offender for the remainder of my days. Personally, if my days were only a few it would be a joyous relief, because I have no career to return to, no retirement to contribute to since I basically am just making ends meet and getting by, and the mental anguish of daily being reminded that sex offenders are worse creatures on the planet. It did not matter that the girl offered the massages. That was my fault for being touched, especially while being naked for a massage. Regretting my error will never make the judge happy. Paying exorbitant attorneys' fees, losing my career, going to jail for six months, paying to participate in a sex offender course for 20 months, five years of probation where I must go three times a month to answer the same insidious questions that I have not had police contact, or contact with minors, and that I still live at the same address mean nothing to society. Corporations will not hire me. I cannot sell real estate. I cannot become a plumber, even if I had a crack big enough to fill the job. Jokes aside, this law does not consider the fairness of punishing one forever. This was not murder, folks. This was a dumb, single male who took in a stranger from another country who spoke the same language, and made a mistake of being naked in his apartment in her presence. Even murderers don't have to register for life. People who drive drunk and kill people don't have to register for life. Some guy who falls asleep while getting a massage does, though. Yes, I was wrong. I won't do that again. But that isn't punishment enough. Oh, did I forget to mention the $4,000 fine? And, why don't lying attorneys have to register for life? Everyone is guilty of something. Let's register everyone for something. Well, let's not register the police, the politicians, the judges, the district attorneys, the attorneys, or people who lie on the stand. They deserve special favor. All the while, the sex offenders who are all classified as the scum of society have no rights as convicted felons. Why not just kill them all? Start with me, because this system already killed me five years ago when the attorney told me to plead guilty after I told him I didn't have any more money to pay him. (He was doing such a mediocre job, that paying him an additional $7,500 to continue his worthless efforts would have been a greater crime.) Maybe after I am actually dead, not breathing any more, someone will realize that this country that is rapidly losing face around the world has a greater need to stop throwing away its citizens. Recycle bottles, cans, paper, and just for fun, felons who have completed their punishment phases. They are not all alike, but they still have redeemable value that cannot be utilized if discarded forever.

Posted by: Rick | Sep 2, 2006 1:19:19 AM

Rick -

As the wife of an RSO, you are not alone. There many of us activiely pursuing change. My husband and I plan to convert a mobile home on our property to a half-way home for released SO's who have nowhere to live. Try to remain hopeful. Join SOHopeful.org. There are many useful forums and resources available throufh their website.
Remember, you are of value!

Posted by: Susan | Oct 13, 2006 10:25:02 AM

This society really is a mess.I'm getting ready to get married and my husband was dating this woman and she found out he was living her and that same day she told the police she was raped and that lie stays on record for life.She never came to any court dates or anything.Now it's very hard to get any apartment in his name for the people putting him in this catagory. Very sad.

Posted by: adrienne (a wife) | Nov 5, 2006 6:12:15 PM

My young college friend had his password protected computer broken into by a jealous girlfriend. She found pictures of minors, called the police, he admitted his guilt in writing, all evidence was admissable. Up to this point he had no criminal record and was a stellar academic student. THe DA wanted to give him 10 years in prison...the attorneys pled to 5 years. The judge gave him a split sentence and 5 years probation. He served 6 months in jail and is now on probation. He has never raped or molested anyone. He should not have looked at free horrific pictures. He did not put them on the internet. He did not buy them. College students do a lot of stupid things in curiosity. It has cost him his entire life and future. He is hopeless, and depressed. Our state has living restrictions of 2000 feet from parks, schools,day care, malls, movie theater, swimming pools churches, McDonalds and other eateries thta may have a playground. He cannot use a public bathroom. In addition, it has just established a 350 ft safety zone. Which means he cannot be in a car , walk or drive within 350 feet of these areas. He was asked to map out all his outings. We live in fear and terror. Can you imagine meandering through people's neighborhoods...that will look as if he is stalking. Why not let him drive on the main streets? He does not leave the house unless he is with family.

Please someone help him. He has never raped or molested anyone. He looked at very bad pictures. They were all free. He did not buy, email, chat or meet anyone on the internet. Just looking at very bad and evil pictures. Wouldn't thrapy and rehab better have served him. He had no criminal record,has the support of family, professors and friends....But he is now an SO for life. No one will hire him and he cannot find a place to live near his family and friends.

He wants to die and he's only in his 20's. God help him.

Are there any legal challenges to lifetime SO registration if you have never molested or raped anyone?

Are there any courts that will consider a second chance and review these cases?

Can someone help us? There must be some distinguished, intelligent law professors who may know a precedent or violation of basic human rights. The families are aslo suffering. IS the collateral of theses laws legal? After spending my life's savings to help...It sems as the politicians and media do not want to focus on the problem and truth. John Walsh and others are not presenting the entire situation and injustices that are being perpetrated....

Please someone help us.


Posted by: DK | Jan 7, 2007 2:07:03 AM

I am just someone who has an interest in the subject, no professional designation. These blogs are very helpful. When prople cry out for a friendly court for help, they must relaize, no court or politician will help them by way of looking to the system for justice. There are a few voices out there whose tragedies live in everyone's minds that drive this machine. It's an issue that is very difficult to defend, and they take advantage of this (law enforcement and anyone else who has an axe to grind or a position to defend). It will take the effort of not only those who have been convicted by these horrific laws, but the wives, mothers, fathers, brothers, friends, social liberals (I mean that in a positive sense) etc, to speak out on the inequities in these laws and the fears we have as a society on where these laws are taking us. We must become political activist in this sense and change the system, not look for the system to come to our rescue.

Posted by: David | Feb 20, 2007 2:20:54 PM

I have read all of these different comments and I suppose everyone has surely not gone insane. Not only is the registry a good thing, but it is far from enough. Our country is in trouble, plagued by sick people who prey on our children and who attack our women and our men and all anyone on this site has to say is that sex offenders deserve more rights. In case all of you forgo watching the news children are being killed EVERY day by predators and women are being raped, kidnapped, and murdered. And I will do whatever it takes as long as there is a breath in me to make every sex offender in this country pay the highest possible cost of punishment and humiliation, but even that will not nearly begin to repair the lives these people have destroyed. These sex offenders lost all their rights when they broke the law and guess what every single one has. Those of you saying it's not fair because it was young love or they didn't know the real age; well get in the real world. This countries founding fathers were men of faith, the USA used to be a country that believed in high morals founded in God. If people were waiting until marriage to have sex and only having sex with their spouse these people would not find themselves in the mess they are in. And for the other 90% that are truly sick predators - may God have mercy on their soul when they reach the other side. Which is unlikely.

Posted by: Renee | Apr 6, 2007 12:14:42 AM

Hello All --

I'm a survivor of CSA (Childhood Sexual Abuse) and am now a senior who's done extensive research on the topic.

I was appalled to find that 88% of molesters are not reported, and that if they want to seek help (as some do), the therapist must report them to the authorities. Thus, they face prison plus s lifetime afterward as outcasts. Given these circumstances, how many will seek help? Nearly zero. THIS MUST CHANGE!

Please go to www.therapy-key.com and submit your petition(s) if you like. Every signature counts!

Thank you!
Betty Schneider
Director, Therapy-Key

Posted by: Betty Schneider | Apr 17, 2007 7:47:23 PM

How many of our forefathers had syphillis and gonorhhea? According to Planned Parenthood there is a normal and natural time in our childhood that doctor is played. Why isn't Meagan's Law more specific and excluding this age category? No it punishes them forever! And why are children being prosecuted for saying Suck my Dick? I hear it everyday from inner city youths, grown ups, and comedians! Wake up America! Are you that insecure in your faith that you must judge and punish everyone - forever? Then I must ask why did God send Jesus here? I beleive you will find your answer in John Chapter 3. And lawyers where is your morality and ethics? If you don't beleive your client or they don't have any more money why aren't you familiar with the term referal? Whatever happen to America? The doctors don't even take the hypocratic oathe anymore. Are we that heartless? Is it all for me and the hell with anyone else? I was a mental health counselor for many years and the rate of paranoia and insecurity and fear seems to have risen. What is being mirrored back to you that you have to fix in your own life?

Posted by: Karen | May 17, 2007 3:03:07 AM

I have watched my son go through hell the past year. He has been accused of sexual misconduct with a minor, a dangerous act against children. As I learn more and more about the people he has become friends with, the more afraid I am. In his early 20's and immature, his core group of friends runs the ages of 14 to 22. I have become familar with some of these kids through commentary from others. We have girls at 14 years of age who will not have relationships with anyone under 18. The older the better. they have sex with as many guys as they can and brag about it. It's like a notch on a bed post. None of these kids believe they are doing anything wrong? Are they? According to the law yes and my son will now pay the price for this as one of these girl's father has now pressed charges. He faces 30 years in prison for being stupid. I wonder, when wil the time come that we can press charges against the fathers and mothers that let their daughters sneak out, drink and have sex. Not once but multiple times. Where is the parenteral responsibilities? When can we start prosecuting the girls- if it's illegal to have sex then they should pay the price also. Our laws are so dragonic. Think back, ever look at a playboy, play girl mag with your peers- any of them younger than you- gees in AZ it's a class 6 felony and you are now a sex offender. Every cop a feel of your girlfriends breats? Oops you are now a sex offender should her parents and the state decide to press charges. We have gone insane- we spend so much time and money going after stupid immature kids that the truely horrific, kidnap, rape and murder your child offenders are slipping right under the radar. How can the police find and stop them when so much of their time is spend with this petty crap? God help us all, we are like a pack of dogs gone wild.

Posted by: Debi Farrell | May 20, 2007 5:22:31 PM

To David: I believe I have been informed a few times that a majority of child sex offences happens within the home. Infact I believe most sex offences are committed by people who are known to the victim. In addition to this, some countries have even seen fit to lower the age of sexual consent to 14, which means some of the oforementioned examples would not have been illegal in those countries. I hope you touch some 13 year old's breasts so you can feel what it's like to be injustly treated. It seems that would be the only way for you to understand the concepts that have been raised on this page.

Posted by: Richard Watts | Jun 16, 2007 3:08:49 PM

In a recent case: maine vs. Dunbar, Dunbar's plea bargain included the stipulation that he would not have to register as a sex offender, eventhough he was being charged with a sexual offense to an 8 yr. old. Those who plea bargained in the eighties were not able to plea "not to register". How can this be constitutional? If the registry is for "Public Safety" by posting all sex offenders, why doesn't this plea situation VOID the purpose of the registry? It fails the test, again, because not all sex offenders in the state has to register. Only those from 1982 forward. What happens to the sex offenders of 1979/1981? nothing.

Posted by: Rendo1 | Jun 17, 2007 8:14:10 PM

To my fellow RSO's: Perhaps its best to seek to establish support groups among ourselves that first of all promote the ideal of 'no more victims'. Most important, lets focus on ways to solve the challenges before us, such as employment, privacy, and offsetting continuing persecution. The state(s) will do what they do. Let us do what we must and look out for our own survival. This is best done by establishing anonymous groups among ourselves that promote healing and pursuits of happiness. Im not talking about another group therapy setting. I do mean exploring ways we can insure our own advocacy and self protection. Lets get on with life. Fuck the police and fuck the vigilantes. Email me with your ideas and maybe we can put our heads together: intuit7178@yahoo.com

Posted by: D | Jul 11, 2007 9:59:17 PM

My friend, a college student, had his password protected computer broken into by his girlfriend. She found some pictures of minors and called the police. They told him he would be alright. He never had a criminal record or dealt with the police ever. He believed the police and freely told them he had looked at minor porn. All evidence was admissable. The DA wanted to give him 10 years in prison. His professors, family and friends pled for liniency. We were terrified. The DA would not plead to a misdeamenor or a lesser sentence. He pled to 5 years and a life sentence as a sex offender which we did not understand the full ramifications at the time. Life is a living hell. No one will hire him. His car has been vandalized twice. His friend's car stolen. He lives in fear, humiliation and shame. Would rehab and therapy not have served justice better? Are there no second chances in America? This was his first offense ever. He looked at free images. He did not buy, chat, email, produce, manufacture, rape or molest anyone. Any private citizen can break into your home or computer and if they find anything, they can call the police, IRS or anyone. All evidence is admissable. I did not think this was possible in America. It is! We are evolving into a nation of vigilantes and many injustices are being done in a the knee-jerk reaction of legislators. But who is going to change laws? Who is going to be for sex offenders? The mere words conjues rapists, moletsters and the worst crimes imaginable not consentual sex and looking at very bad pictures free on the internet by a stupid college student.

Is there hope?

Posted by: | Jul 19, 2007 11:16:34 PM

Talk about a good bet...just ask the referee. When public officials can present/instruct serious major fraudulent/false evidence to the jury to convict , you not only have a sure thing, but a good business slogan; manufacture evidence to manufacture more prisons. Deceive a jury ; the deception continues onto the public. More codes/laws/prisons/public funds are needed as long as manufactured evidence exists. This is fact.

Posted by: MOLINA | Aug 2, 2007 1:52:31 PM

Fellow Americans...you need to get on board this love train so we can home-run these codes/laws that punish jail-free people. Get on board GODS LAW so we can support/uphold the Constitution/Bill of Rights . Punishing a group of people (government forced membership against your will) that had nothing to do with a crime in another location is injustice and has to stop. Public officials blaming others for the crime committed by one. Unbelievalable. WHATTHA !?! Lets go ! You need a case and leadership that shows and provides proof that public officials presented/instructed serious major fraudulent evidence to the jury to convict and another major issue of innocence. You see with these type of codes/laws they keep the truth oppressed and justice is further obstructed. These codes/laws can be proven to be punishment. Therefore unConstitutional. Also people who have 3 strike issues , a friend or family member, you need to get on board because there is a chance fraudulent/false evidence was used against you. The scales of justice can be rigged for anyone to fail. Public officials tampering with evidence and obstructing justice is not public policy. It's not GODS LAW nor Constitutional. I need your support to help me to help all people. thank you. donation MOLINA 927 south Bruce-# 5 Anaheim, Ca. 92804

Posted by: MOLINA | Aug 7, 2007 6:17:25 PM

Hello............. My name? Lets just call me beautiful nightmare. Beautiful because I cant ask for a better married life. BEAUTIFUL wife, awsome relationship, BEST friends, laugh like theres no tomorrow, wonderful daughter of mine, whom, I see when ever I want, especially on weekends. Nightmare? hummmm, lets see......... I am what I call a "labeled" sex offender. Yes.......... in 02 I committed a sex offense which I turned myself in for, plead guilty to, and had to register as a sex offender. Yes, I knew I threw my life away when I did it. Yes, I'll regret what I did for the rest of my life.....I had no idea it was gonna be this hard. Nightmare.......... I've been arrested "twice" pretty much because THEY THINK Im trying to beat the system. IM HOMELESS!!!!!!!!!!! I cant live with my OWN wife!!!!!!!!! You actually think Im gonna tell my wife and my daughter: "hey you guys, Im gonna risk goin to jail by registering homeless but live with you baby." I have been denied at EVERY apartment complex I've applied to. Even given 1,000 dollars to break my lease at one when they found out. I went to court with the FULL intention of SHOWING im not guilty of these "failure to register" cases just to be told at the last second "you need to plead guilty cause they got this and that." Now Im lookin at goin to jail because THAT violated my probation!!!! My life was goin GREAT until everyone jumped on this "lets get the sex offender" band wagon. I got sentenced in 03 to stay away from "her" who happens to be my daughters SISTER(yea, the daughter I can see ANY time I want with noooooooooo stips), pretty much been forgiven by "her", been on probation since 03, NEVER missed a visit, NEVER a dirty urine, now ALLLLLLLL a sudden in 2007, with 1 yr probation left(no jail), I get married and start throwin my life away? COME ON!!!!! They act like I cant POSSIBLY be telling the truth. I cant be homeless. you MUST be livin with your wife. If I registered to stay with her, and "SOMEONE" called to tell them I registered here, and they tell my wife I have to leave or she gets evicted why in the world would I risk HER well being??????????????? The way they treat sex offenders REGARDLESS of their case is VERY unfair. Unless we buy something I cant live with her and Im afraid that Im going to get arrested again as soon as they feel like they want to. You know how it feels to hear your daughter tell you "daddy, I dont want to go with you this weekend cause Im scared your gonna get in trouble?????????" I honestly feel that someone in my situation should not even BE on that registry. Im living a beautiful life with a nightmare of a situation. Scared to leave where I registered at, to play tennis. Scared to go play golf. Scared when I leave to go pick my wife up from her night job that someone is gonna go look for me, not see me and start the assuming. It sucks to be a finacially stable family, with a car, but be a homeless husband. Im not bound to stay where Im registered at. Im homeless with means to get around. I have a life and cant live it. My daughter is a cheerleader now. can i go see her? no. she wants me to come see her at school. can I? no. She wants me to come to her concerts. can I? NO. why? because until 2013, I have to carry the "sex offender" label and cant move on with my life. what a Beautiful Nightmare...........

Posted by: Beautiful Nightmare | Sep 6, 2007 11:04:49 PM

I have never spoken publically about my situation, simply because it's "TABOO". I live in Texas where they pride themselves on the harshness of their sex offense laws and regulations. I was molested as a child by a family member and was taught that was how you learned about sex. Being sexualized at a young age kick started my natural curiousity earlier than "normal". At 11 I molested my two neice's. this did continue time and again for a year or so. During this time there was NEVER any counselling, parental intervention, nothing to indicate to me this was wrong. However, when my friends and I began the "you show me yours I'll show you mine" things started to become clear to me.I realized what I had been taught and was doing was not what my friends were. The actions on my neice's stopped and were never repeated. When I was 17 my actions were brought to light by a local politician running for re-election. They arrested me at my high school. Between the investigator for the DA telling me I was facing 30 years and my lawyer telling me "just tell the truth, you were just a kid" I agreed with whatever they told me to do. Stand here, sign there, and BAM! They waited until after I turned 18 and tried me as an adult. 5 years after the offenses had occurred. I was an arrogant, vain little witch that looked for acceptance anywhere I could get it at that age. Therefore, I was deemed narcasistic and possible multiple personality disorder.... yeah right. I received 8 year probation and 3 years sex offender counselling. Between the time of my arrest and my conviction, I had began dating someone that I later married that year. The following year, we had our daughter, the following year, we had our son. All the time my then probation informing me how stupid I was for getting pregnant since I was on probation. Six months after the birth of our son, my then husband decided he didn't want to be a husband or father anymore and began having an affair with a co-worker at his out of town job and he was doing drugs. I filed for divorce that fall with his parents telling me they would help me any way possible. They tried tricking me into signing over custody of my kids to them by saying it was power fo attorney. FYI... their dad had already signed them over to his parents. When I refused, a ten year battle began. Only after I filed for divorce did my conviction come into play. I have been accused of molesting my two children four times. My mother, father, aunt, uncle, my mom's ex husband, have all been accused by his parents"anonnymous" calls into Austins hotline.. I have even been accused of having sex with my own mother in front of my kids and taking pictures to display online. Here's the kicker...CPS believed them.. every time.. because of my conviction... I haven't had a speeding ticket since my conviction.. and yet the kids dad has been arrested twice for DWI,, once for possesion of Marijuana, Theft by Check for >$500. and tested positive for cocaine during a random drug test. Of course, he opted for a jury trial during our divorce and paraded all kinds of sex offender statistics therefore winning him primary conservatorship our two children. Children that have lived with his parents this whole time, not him. He has been to busy remarrying and having another child with her. building them a house and leaving our children with his parents. they have moved the kids 5 times through 4 different schools in 6 years. trying to have my parental rights taken away. Today, I am remarried to a wonderful Christian man I have been with for over 6 years. We are looking to buy our first home next year. I have a good job. But here's the deal. My children are not living with us in a stable Chirstian home that we have had for years now because of manipulation of TExas sex offender laws and classifications. You can ask anyone involved in my case, the investigator that arrested me, my final probation officer, my counselors, even the sherrif's officer that I register with, all will tell you, my offense was simply experimentation fuelled by a bad act that should have been corrected in my childhood. But now my daughter, now 11 and entering those years where image is huge. my son, 10 who was always a momma's boy can't call me mom in the house they live in because of the negativity. They have had to learn what to say to keep peace and not live free to be kids because of possible riticule from their own family. This may seem to be too much of a sad sack story about "poor me" that is not my intention. I simply wanted to give you a detailled idea of how easy it is to manipulate the current laws that in place. What could the time and tax payer money have gone for that was spent on all the CPS investigations on me that were thrown out of court every time? How much counselling could our family have received instead of defense attorney costs? What kind of life could my kiddos be having right now instead of making sure they don't saying anything about us around them or they will be punished. Recently, their step mother was discoverd cheating on the kids dad and they are now divorcing.. they are permantley living with his paretns now along with their half sister cause her mom didn't want to take her with her. and yer their dad is already seeing someone else and fixing to move her and her two kids into their house so he doesn't loose it. What kind of family environment are my kids having to deal with because I am labeled and therfore not an option to them without them telling a judge at 13 they want to come live with us.. and even then the court could say no. You have to be 16 to drive a car, 18 to vote or join the military, 21 to buy a beer, any mental health provider will tell you, there is no way a person of 11, 12, 13, even 14 years of age can make logical decisions taking all consequences and effects on others into account. But we convict those ages every day saying they are just the same as an adult and therefore should be punished the same. It easy for those people who spend their life online trailling behind a bandwagon just because it's the newest one to join. Or, and no offense to any victims, but there is obviousle more than enough evidence to prove, emotion and anger fuel many decisions on this subject by those that use the attrocity of their situation to inflict punishment on many for the action of one. You can not pick and choose what part of the Constitution you want to uphold. It's very much like the Bible. If you believe it, you believe all of it!

Posted by: MakeAdifference | Oct 23, 2007 2:46:06 AM

My name is Beth Walton. I'm a reporter with the Las Vegas Review Journal. I'm writing a story on sex offenders and Halloween. New laws have been put in place by Parole and Probation that prevent supervised sex offenders from taking part in Halloween activities trick or treating, etc. even if they have kids. I’m trying to get a hold of a sex offender who would like to comment on this, especially one in the area that would like to comment on this.
I can be reached at 702-383-0279 or 702-290-8970

Posted by: Beth Walton | Oct 24, 2007 5:19:05 PM

My name is Beth Walton. I'm a reporter with the Las Vegas Review Journal. I'm writing a story on sex offenders and Halloween. New laws have been put in place by Parole and Probation that prevent supervised sex offenders from taking part in Halloween activities trick or treating, etc. even if they have kids. I’m trying to get a hold of a sex offender who would like to comment on this, especially one in the area that would like to comment on this.
I can be reached at 702-383-0279 or 702-290-8970

Posted by: Beth Walton | Oct 24, 2007 5:19:12 PM

I too am in the same boat as alot of you. I am a father of 2 and married for over 20 years. I happened to get wrapped up in internet chat with a "supposubly" 13 your old girl. How can anyone ever be charged with a crime when there is no actual victim? They say there not trapping people such as me...WRONG..its been shown on national T.V. how they do this. How can a person be on his own computer in the privacy of his own home exspressing his thoughts in an "ADULT" chat room and be arrested? Predisposed to commit a crime?? How?? I wasnt in a teen chat room, as was not at a play ground, I was in an area in the chat labled as ADULT BY LOCATION. Check out the Yahoo terms of aggreement! Adult to me means 18. If Yahoo says no one will use the program under false pretents or represent any affiliation then one is to beleive the person on other end has to be of age. Again...that person agrees that matter may be harmfull to minors. The sex offender list is to braud. How can I be labled in a class with someone who physicaly touches and rapes a child? Meagan's Law....RIGHT..Look how the law came to be. I hear all the time..What if she really was 13? WHAT IF..no one knows what I was thinking...by what I said..I dont think so..how can they say that the intent was there? Theres a fine line from fantasy and reality. What happened to free speach in this country? You cant rob a bank if there is no bank. They got sex offender sights..they really need DUI sights, they need HIV sights. How would america like that?? You wanna protect the kids..then by god lets protect them. I wish MADD would get involved in this and push for a DUI offenders list. Lets protect our teenage drivers, lets protect our little babies in car seats coming home from granny's house and getting hit by a drunk driver. How would society (the ones who are all for sex list) like it if when they are out having a beer at and "ADULT" only area like it to have a police officer sitting next to them monitoring how much they drink and when they get ready to leave arrest them. They would say "for what" because your intent is to get behind that wheel and drive. Remember that word Intent...same word as they used on me. Or how bout this...at a sporting event and your monitored on the alcohal by police. Do you know how much of an outrage it would cause. TIT for TAT..but oh its about the money I forgot.Wouldnt you like to know that your neighbor is a a known drunk driver..I would! Or wouldnt you like to know that a person has HIV? A person in society that can spread infectious deseases to your child. I would!! So come on america....lets get these kids safe in not only sex, but in all aspects of life. It just sickens me to the fact the americans have double standards. Lets just wait till one of their own gets in trouble and see if they like the laws set before them.

Posted by: Bret | Oct 28, 2007 10:01:52 AM

Hi, I am interested in speaking with people who have been convicted of a sex crime. I would like to hear your thoughts on current laws, laws we may need, and how your life is effected by this. All information will be kept confidental and you do not need to provide and personal information. I am currently working on a few projects and would love to discuss them in details with anyone interested. Please email me at


Posted by: Bo | Nov 19, 2007 9:26:23 AM

A kind person who read my former post almost a year and-a-half-ago emailed me today to inquire as to how I am doing. Quite frankly, I had forgotten about this web site, but now I have read a few more posts that support my position on the hypocrisy of the system in America. The witch hunt for so-called sex offenders is a tell-tale sign that America continues to be arrogant, self-righteous, and full of pretenders who are holier-than-thou Bible thumpers preaching about morals and the efficacy of punishment for labeled sex offenders. Poser, er, poster, David, for example, reminds me of a televangelist who begged weekly for money to promote God's word. Yet, his uppity "swagger"ing finally got him busted by a prositute selling him out for his own human failures and lurid addiction to pornograhpy. How the mighty do fall. In the Bible, Noah, a man of God chosen to redeem the human race was basically raped by his daughters after they got him drunk on dry land. Seems Noah was taken advantage of by those trickster females looking to get knocked up. That's pretty righteous behavior by the ones hand picked by God. Kind David, a man chosen by God himself to lead the nation of Israel, committed adultery and had the cheating woman's husband set up to die in battle. All was forgiven. How old was the virgin Mary at the time of conception? Most people believe she was about 15 years of age. Hmmm...that would be statutory rape. So, whom do we arrest for that one? God himself? Only if he knocked her up in America. How would that work? Uh, God, place your hands behind your back. Stop resisting. Stop resisting, goddamnit. Freaking perv. What were you thinking, there, God, knocking up a virgin? Jesus Christ, are you stupid, or what? They are going to love you in jail in Bethlehem. Just watch your back, God. Don't drop the soap. Headline news: God Arrested For Not Having Sex With a Virgin, So That His Son Could Save the World! (Huh?) Every Christmas even God has to hear the jeers for that story. Is He Almighty on a sex offender registry for all eternity? Or, did His son pardon Him? J.C.: Listen, Dad, I know and You know that You were just trying to make it easy for me to come into this world. So, you picked up a virgin who was about to get married to some other guy. Hey, we all make mistakes. Yeah, yeah, she did look older. That's too late now. But, hey, good news! I've talked it over with the D.A. (devil's advocate), and he has agreed to let you spend eternity thinking about what you did. But, you have to register as a sex offender for life on Earth, go to sex offender therapy for two, maybe three years, (pay for the classes with an arrogant idiot perv himself who loves his autonomy in the group), even though nobody will believe that sex offenders can be rehabilitated. Oh, then you can pay a hefty fine, say, $4,000, spend time in jail, say, six months. Seriously, the D.A. wants you to go to prison, even though you didn't touch the chick...er, sorry, Mom. Remember, intent was there, right? C'mon, Pops, admit it. She's a hotty. You know you really wanted to...ok, sorry. Ok, sorry, Mom. I didn't mean it. Oh, and you have to spend five years on probation, very doable, right, so you can't leave Bethlehem for the next five years. Good thing you are God, though, because it would be hell trying to get a job once you have been labeled as a sex offender. Nobody forgives or forgets, no matter what you say on your behalf. That reminds me of that one guy, what was his name? Oh, yeah, Adam...and his hotty wife, Eve. And then they had some kids, right? Two boys? So, er, Dad, I was just wondering how the rest of the people got here if...well...never mind. You're already in deep doo doo. That was in Eden, and they do things differently there, right? What happens in Eden stays in Eden. But, what about some of those other guys in the Bible that were incestuous, had affairs, or tried to seduce someone? That dude with the long hair...yeah, Sampson. Shouldn't that chick who tried to seduce him get arrested for something? After all, he did say no. Well, as far as the Book says...Anyway, Father, God, Holy Sh...er, me...I get confused...wanna deal with the D.A. on this one? He claims it's the best deal you are going to get. Pity those poor fools who looked at pics, got a massage, or copped a feel and got thrown away for life. Hell, at least we all have heaven to look forward to. That reminds me, I've got some building projects I have to finish. Lemme know what you think about the deal. It sounds like the D.A., Jenna Hoffman, is someone you can deal with. After all, your attorney, George Peters who now runs a fishing business in Arkansas, have been lifetime friends. Hmm...back to me...I left the country as soon as my probation ended. Too bad. I was a good American. Now I just watch it turning ever so foul like a tomato rotting on the vine. If Amerika ever gets its act together and quits throwing away its citizens, perhaps I would return as a free individual. Hell will sooner freeze before that happens, though. Sorry state of affairs.

Posted by: Rick | Jan 5, 2008 9:15:48 AM

In case you might like to read the letter to the kind person, here it is:

Hello, N...
That was my mother's name. Thanks for your email asking how I am doing.

There are perhaps a few different ways for me to answer your question. On one hand, I should be very grateful for my present situation. The good news is that my five years of probation ended last July 19th. By the time that date arrived I had already either sold or given away most of my belongings in preparation for leaving the country. My policy is to never stay where I am not wanted. The United States of America throws away its citizens just like they waste other limited natural resources, and that was how I felt my country had treated me. Instantly a single judge decided that I was no longer of any value to society, and I was readily discarded. Deciding to leave what I now feel is the real terrorist state was not too difficult for me.

When the last minutes of probation rolled by I was headed for Las Vegas. After spending eight days like a normal person, that is, just registering in the hotels, (because, remember, one must not stay longer than four nights in one place without registering as a sex offender with the local police), just going to shows and relaxing like a regular citizen, I finally did leave the country on July 27th. My plan was to go to South Korea and teach English as a second language, because they pay well enough to save some money, and there is a demand for teachers. On my way over there I came to Germany to visit my friends whom I have known here for 30 years, mainly because one of them was turning 70 years old, and she was having a celebration with a lot of people I have also known for many years. Due to the probation limitations for five years, I was not allowed to leave the state, let alone the country, so feeling the freedom to travel once again without requesting permission was very cathartic for me. As it turned out, I decided to stay in Germany and teach English here instead of going to Korea. It's been over five months since my arrival, and the change of environment has done me some good. Well, at least at the beginning of my stay here I felt more positive.

However, after the giddy feelings start to wear off reality begins to settle in. Even though I do know a few people here, I am often alone. The Christmas holidays were mostly spent by myself. That would be the case wherever I happened to be, though. I tend to be a loner since the people that are supposed to be close to me are often too busy to spend time with me. After all these years I still struggle with that notion that I don't have someone special, very meaningful in my life to laugh with, share my stories with, or to spend some quality time with on a semi-regular basis. Life was not meant to be experienced completely by oneself.

At this point in my life I have resigned myself to the fact that the best part of my life has been long gone, and there really is not a whole lot for me to look forward to anymore. My teaching career in a regular school was taken away from me as a consequence of pleading guilty to the massage by a minor from another country. My ability to earn decent money was taken away from me. The fact that I haven't made enough money to save any for retirement for the past seven years haunts me daily, because I will turn 50 next year. If I don't have enough money to retire on, what will become of me? Basically, I am a survivor. The prospects of establishing myself in a real career again seem to be over, though, because any place the company does a background check means the answer is an automatic no. They don't do background checks here if one is a freelancer. Nobody in corporate Amerika cares about the real person that they just turned down. My qualifications should land me a job almost every time, but instead I ended up moving furniture and hauling garbage to the dump for people as my form of earning a living for the last year-and-a-half before leaving the States until a shoulder injury kept me from lifitng anything. Who cared? Who cares now? People, including friends and brothers say they care or that they hope for the best for me, but that does nothing to change my situration. I am still an outcast in Amerika, and forever will be in the country I no longer feel is my homeland, even though I was born there. Why should I have to register with the police every year for the rest of my life because I got a massage in my apartment from someone who wanted to give me the massage? Yes, she was 15, but in many countries men and women, boys and girls of all ages walk around naked on beaches, at lakes, in public saunas, and even in parks. America is so uptight about the littlest things, but they don't hesitate to invade other countries and kill the citizens that live there. The president can lie, cheat (on his wife), and steal from the American public, and that is acceptable behavior. But a guy gets a massage in his own apartment from a foreigner, and the government yanks away so many privileges that he will never find a decent job again for life? That's Amerikan justice? The hypocrisy in that country often goes ignored until it hits close to home. When it hit me, it knocked me out.

I am sorry to hear that your son is not doing well. Frankly, I was not a criminal before my arrest, during my six long years of of courtrooms, jail, and other punishments, nor am I now a criminal. Having paid over $30,000 including court costs, fines, attorneys fees, probation, sex offender classes, and a bond I never got back, but not including the loss of my career and retirement contributions, I feel that the court was wrong to not consider al the facts of the case. Opinions changse. My attorneys whom I at first trusted lied to me. Then they were either going to sell me out, or at the last minute, did turn on me for their own sakes, and for that they should be slowly and methodically tortured. Turn the vigilante mentality on them for a change, and see how justice prevails. Often I think about why men turn to crime, and now I understand very well some of the motivations that compel them to take matters into their own hands. Judges that won't listen to both sides of the story should be beaten and strung up by their feet, and then beaten some more by those whom they have wronged by unjustly punishing them for too long. Certainly there are exceptions in every case. Some people are down right bad, and they deserve to be punished for their crimes. But, again, here I go crying about my unjust punishment, being given a lifetime sentence (as a registered sex offender) for being naked while getting a massage in my apartment is not the worst thing in the world. I didn't have sex with the person. I didn't kiss her. The time I did touch her was to put lotion on her sunburn, and the district attorney charged me for that, too. She tried to convince the judge to send me to prison for "just three or four years" for that. That ignorance was wrong, wrong, wrong! After all this time I have not lost my anger, my bitterness still eats away at me, and my fantasy retributions seem to increase rather than being exchanged for forgiveness. One reaches a point in one's life when all that used to matter ceases to have the same significance. Sometimes I actually mean that. Other times my heart just breaks and I suddenly burst into tears, which are shed for a lost lifetime of opportunities, for a lost country that does not care about its precious citizens, and the system that generates angry men who feel hopelessness on a daily basis. For you son I feel sadness, because he, like many other young men in his situation, must have lost the pride and joy of being an American. For many years I waved the red, white and blue stars and stripes. I taught children in the classrooms to respect the country, the environment, and each other. I taught them the importance of voting in elections for their representatives. And now, I actually feel good inside when I read about the horrors of that country, Amerika, that claims to be the land of the free, and the home of the brave. If it's such a free country, why does it have more citizens in incarceration than any other country in the world? Free, indeed. Even freedom of speech has been withdrawn in that country under the current wannabe dictator. What are American soldiers really fighting for these days? My four years in the United States Air Force no longer remind me that I was a dutiful son to my country. My years as a teacher no longer remind me of the good deeds I did out of true kindness and concern for others. Now, if I could simply pull the plug on my life and be done with this existence, I would not hesitate to do so if I thought that my absence would make a difference to anyone. We live. We die. Both of my sisters haves died in the past two-and-a-half years, but the system does not care about them. That's life. In between what we as individuals meant to others is the true meaning of our life on Earth.

Thank you again for caring about your son. My mother did not care much about me, so when I see a relationship between a mother and son that embodies that bond of love, I know that somewhere along the way, there was a real purpose for someone's life. You did well. Your son is a good person, and you should continue to love him like a good mother. One day you will appreciate the sacrifices you made for him, the worries for his well-being that kept you awake or nervous for days, and the tears that he never saw you shed for him. I don't have any answers for you or your son as to how to improve his life in America. In my case, I am torn, because honestly I did not really want to leave my homeland. Yet, I did not want to be reminded daily that the system took control of my life forever, and that the media create a panic and instill fear into people's minds when they hear the label, sex offender. The label is a modern day scarlet letter, and the witch hunt by sinister media mobs continues to misunderstand that they are just as guilty as the next person. Most finger pointers have committed worse actions, but they just did not get caught. A kid having sex with his girlfriend is not a fiend. Here in Germany, the legal age of consent is 16, and in some places in Europe it is 14. So, uptight Americans would freak out if they saw what is shown on just regular television over here. Females playing strip poker, naked women masturbating in the showers or kissing each other are the commercials...and lots more would be just appalling to uptight America. At the time of my "crime", I should have remembered the saying: When in Rome, do as the Romans. I was not in Rome when I got my massage. I was at home in Orange County, CA. But, even Rome, once the greatest city in the world, fell because of its pompousness. America will repeat history, I regret to say.

So, am I grateful for what I have? I should be. I work sometimes, but not the hours that I would like. Do I have a place to live? Yes, but it is smaller than the garage attached to the house I used to own. Do I go hungry? No, I don't. Do I love? No, not much. Do I miss the life that I always wanted? Most definitely. We are not always guaranteed to have a good life. But, then, some of us are guaranteed not to have a better life. Thank you, American justice. And that makes me sad.

For what it is worth, happy new year to you and your son.


Posted by: Rick | Jan 6, 2008 3:27:17 AM

I believe that most sex offenders should be removed from local places and placed under a certain facillity to be medicated and or watched over. However I do believe that some sex offenders were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and should be re-evaluated to actually show everyone else they are not a sex offender. I believe also that there SHOULD be jobs available to sex offenders to an extent. For instance if someone raped anyone under 16 they should NOT be allowed to get a job, however if the person was 18 and the girl was 16 and he never did anything but people judge him based on his crime and not by his previous employer records then i believe the people are wrong. I understand that when someone hears there is a sex offender in their area that they flip put, lock the doors and keep close watch but people there are certain people out there that were wrongly accused, believe me I AM ONE OF THEM!. Like my story said above, I was 18 the girls were 16 and they got mad at me and found this way of getting me out of their life forever, (believe me if u want to!) and now i'm spending the rest of my life like it's pointless considering i cannot find a job ANYWHERE and i feel like i'm going nowhere in life due to these two bit*ches! Well i'm done talking if any of u have any idea where i can find a job where the employer WILL hire me email me at litledud86@yahoo.com PLEASE NOTE HATE LETTERS WILL BE REPORTED TO THE LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT SEEING AS MY DADS A COP!

Posted by: Michael | Jan 6, 2008 10:55:04 PM

Hi my name is jamal im a registered sex offender I think these laws are a lil much. Let me start off by saying their are some people kids should be protected from. I dont consider myself as one of those people. I met a girl on myspace where her profile said 18 she told me she was 17 . She invited me over that same night, she offered me oral sex so me being dumb I went. I got over there and we fooled around in the eyes of the law we had sex cuase I penetrated her, I did but she said it hurt and I stopped and that was that I left. I know it was wrong to mess with someone 17 with me being 24 but do I think im a pervert no!!! SO bout two months later two cops show up at my door saying I raped someone so once again being dumb I told them what happen thinking im getting myself out of a rape charge. I hired a lawyer the sameday and later found out the so called victim got pregnant by another guy who was 18 ,I also found out she was 14 and not 17. I know some of you might say you still would of got charged true but it would of been a lesser charge. Instead of paying $7500 for unlawful sex with a minor , it was $15000 for lewd and lascivious charge. Im so mad cause she didn't have to say my name cause she knew I didn't get her pregnant. Now im on probation for 3 years and a sex offender for the rest of my life. I think the parents should take some of the blame and these kids should start getting trouble for lying about their age. Trust me if I knew she was 14 I would not have been over there.

Posted by: jamal | Jan 11, 2008 12:29:33 PM

hi, i am a 21 year old girl. i have a daughter that will be 2 years old in february; she is the light of my life. from the moment that i found out that i was pregnant with her, i knew my life would never be the same. i live for her, i breathe for her, and i would die for her...she is amazing. her father on the other hand, not so great. it was confusing to everyone to see us together because i was a good girl, no criminal record, no driving record, straight A's in school growing up...the list goes on. he was the complete opposite of me, but i got pregnant after dating him for only a month. i wanted to try to make it work and have the family that i had always dreamed of having; i thought i could change him. i will be honest in saying that i was repulsed by sex offenders. when i was pregnant i would look on the internet at these people, and be totally terrified at the thought of them. at the same time i wasn't completely aware that a lot of these people were being categorized as something that they weren't; just wrong place, wrong time, wrong information. i never thought in a million years that myself or anyone in my life would have to deal with a situation like that. well, my little girls dad made a bad choice with a girl that he "thought" was 18. my daughter was asleep, and he put some sort of pill in my drink. i was completely out of it, and had no idea why. he brings this "18" year old girl over and begins to have sex with her, and tried to get me involved with it. i was disgusted and confused at why the father of my child would want any part in this. eventually i got him to make her leave. i wake up the next day to police being at my home, and my daughter was taken out of my arms and put into the arms of strangers. my whole life fell apart that day. a few weeks later i had to go to jail, but was able to get out of jail in about a month. after months and months of being in and out of court, i finally got sentenced. i got a felony of the 5th degree...attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, and i have to register on the sex offenders list for 10 years, because it turned out that this girl was 14, and told a handful of lies. on top of it my little girls dad also tried to put blame on me to make himself look better. i took a plea deal because with the little money that i had, it was advised of me to do so. i did eventually get my daughter out of the system and in to the arms of my father and step-mother, thinking that was the best option for her. little did i know that my step-mother would become the way that she is. she keeps her from me any chance she can get, and they call themselved mommy and daddy to MY little angel. my entire life is in shambles, and most parts throughout my day i feel like i can't go on anymore. then of course i get the news about the adam walsh law, which makes everything a million times worse. it doesn't make any sense that we have to suffer any more than we already have. i am not a rapist, nor am i a predator of any type. i apologize for judging anyone at any time for their situation that i knew nothing about. i can't get a good job, i can't live in a decent neighborhood, i am too ashamed to make new friends...therefore i am probably the most sad and lonely 21 year old girl that anywould could see. i used to be so full of life, but now i am just dead inside. i feel trapped in my own life, and just want out. i just want people to know that they should never judge a book by it's cover...because i did and it definitely came back to haunt me for the rest of my life.

Posted by: andrea | Jan 14, 2008 4:09:37 PM

My son is now 16. At 14, he was over at a neighbor's house, kids he'd known all his life, playing video games, roughousing etc. One of the girls repeatedly mooned everyone. My son thought he'd 'gross her out' and mooned her back. He was arrested and is currently still on probation because of this 'indecent exposure'. (And no, the girl was not arrested or charged with anything.) He will be on the registry until he's almost 30. This will affect where he can live, go to school, what jobs he can do, everything, for some stupid kid stunt that didn't hurt anyone. Good God, half the football team of my high school would be RSO nowadays for the goofy stuff they did.

The court psychologist said that his actions was a result of his ADHD and impulsive behavior, not a sexual thing. But the probation office is demanding sex offender counseling for him. So we've done that. He is a typical, uncommunicative teenage boy (who has had to sit and be interviewed by countless people over this one thing) and he's had a hard time getting comfortable with this therapist. So now the therapist is saying he can't 'get to the big, dark secret he's hiding' and will discharge him as unsatisfactory if he won't open up. And if that's the case, the probation office will want to send him to a residential counseling place for RSO.

I'm so upset. All this for mooning someone. He probably could have killed someone and received an easier sentence, certainly not for 15 years. I don't feel there is any 'big dark secret', any walls, anything other than a kid who did a dumb thing and is being harshly punished for it. I'm not in denial, I'm not sheltering an abusive kid, I just don't feel that there is anything that wrong with him. I'm so frustrated right now I don't know what to do.

Posted by: ktscarlett66 | Mar 4, 2008 6:20:08 PM

I pray that we can get these laws re-evaluated and changed to protect everyone equally. These stories are truly heartbreaking and I wish strength to all who are going through it. We need to rally for change and have the system reformed. Good luck to everyone!

Posted by: | Mar 24, 2008 4:10:45 PM

The current sexual predator/offender laws are to broad. The laws that are made to protect actually hinders the ability of Law Enforcement to do their job. The majority of people who are labeled an offender, because a girl/boy lied about their age are the ones who register, report to their probation officers, abide by the rules, etc. The bonified offenders abscond. The blend in with the homeless and evade monitoring by the law. The number of labeled offenders far outweigh the number of people designated to monitor offenders. The laws must change. If you are going to prosecute a person for sex with a minor who lied about their age and maintain the fact that the minor is not of a legal age of consent, then a law should be created to prosecute the victim for lying. The charge should be a Felony and the penalties should be stiff. What you will acquire is an increase of prosecution of girls who create these circumstances that stem from their lies and decrease the number of girls participating in these lying episodes that changes the entire course of the lives of those who could have and probably would have been productive, contributing citizens. You cannot continue to create stiffer laws to segregate a specific group of people without addressing the root of the problem. If a survey was conducted, you would find that many underaged female victims who are not at the age of consent have been victims several times. Something is very wrong with this picture. Many lives are being ruined and the real perpetrators are allowed to mingle with crowds of homeless and others. They continue to perpetrate, while people who make decisions based on what they are told continue to be arrested, labeled, prosecuted, backedup against a wall, and setup for failure.

Reformation: Register as offender, report to probation officer, and attend sex classes. You are required to pay your probation offier, pay for each class you attend, pay for polygraphy test, coutcost, fines, etc. Because of your status, you can't find a decent paying job that will provide sufficient income to accomodate your financial responsibility to the justics system. You can't work several jobs, because you must attend classes, report to your probation officer as deemed necessary. Again, you feel your back is up against the wall. The more to try to conform to the stipulations of your sentence, the more oppressed and depressed you get. Keep in mind the victim (who may have been a victim more than once) is going on with their life and possibly victimizing someone else into criminal actitiving that they are not legal capable of making. Where is the justice. Again justice will never truly prevail until the laws are modified to address all involved. Upon acquiring laws that address all aspects of unlawful sex, decreases in these type acts will most definitely occur. Really think about it. Put the shoes on your feet or the feet of your son/daughter, brother,etc. You'll find that the scenario listed is valid and warrants research that must be expedited. Immediate actions is necessary to stop this madeness from all points. A rush to judgment could one day come back to haunt those who participate in such activity. All kinds of laws sound real good, until they hit home and you obtain information surround the evidents in question. Laws, on top of laws will not correct sex related crimes. Reformation of the laws to include victims who contribute to the commencement of theact of unlawful sex.

Posted by: Jfaogp | Mar 26, 2008 5:03:05 PM

Sat May 3 2008 we got a letter stating that the Adam Walsh law was going into effect July 1 and that I was being moved from Tier 1 to Tier 3. I must report every 90 days for life with no provision for appeal. SHOCK, HORROR, MY WORST NIGHTMARE!

My world stopped as I read the letter over and over again. I am not American but British settled here for 10 years running my own business with my wife and son who are American.

We are struggling as to what to do. The shame and humiliation of being a RSO is one thing, but quite another when it will be posted all over the internet for everyone to see and fear.

How I got here: in a nutshell my ex was cheating on me. When I eventually found out, I wanted to get all my possessions back and split. She said no so I went off on her verbally. We argued a lot and fought... nothing physical, I would never hit a woman ever. We had been trying to get pregnant as I had wanted a family. She already had a kid by her former boyfriend
whom I had raised for the 4 years we had been together from the age of 2. I had more invested than her in the relationship and it seemed worthwhile to hang in there. We went back to her place in her lunch break where she seduced me saying the other guy meant nothing to her, it was her ovulation time and so we had sex. That evening I was arrested for rape, assault with a knife and kidnapping. She had my DNA plus the other guys DNA at her rape examination visit. Had I known she'd had unprotected sex, I would never have been with her like that. I was blinded by the need to have a child of my own. At this point I have to show that I am in a foreign white country population 250,000 and I am maybe 1 of 20 of African decent living there.

The female judge let me have it full blast. No jury and nothing I said mattered. My court appointed Attorney sat there saying nothing. The 1 question he did ask was, "was he good in bed" to which she replied "yes". She the proceeded to invent and lie in court about everything including meeting up with me after my initial arrest and release. She had been feigning that I was stalking her and threatening her, yet I taped our conversations where we just sat and talked like normal people. My sister in law came over to see if I was ok after my arrest. My ex took her out for pizza and let her stay at our apartment with her!! She told her I was special in her life and that she would not forget me. She told her that I could sit in jail for 6 months and they would let me go. She also said that she had tried to drop the case but the law there said they would prosecute her for lying, so she had to go through with it and that I would get a light sentence. So fast forward, they give me a year which she was shocked at! The police investigated nothing I said in my defense such as a neighbor seeing us leaving her apartment after the act hand in hand.

I appealed the sentence and was not allowed to attend the hearing. I found out from the radio that they had increased my sentence to 3 years because I guess I had dared to appeal. I served half of the time and was deported.

12 years later I have been living in the USA with my beautiful wife and 10 year old son and this letter has potentially destroyed our lives in 2 seconds. I basically have no choice but to pack up and leave. Liquidate everything and beat it to Europe or somewhere, but can I start again at 47 with a wife and kid in tow with little money and where do we go? My mother in law has no idea all this is going on. We will have to break the news to her soon.

I sent a letter to John Walsh telling him that his sons legacy is handing out crushing punishment to all people labeled with the RSO name and not the true monsters he was originally after. I understand his pain of losing little Adam. Maybe he has become a monster himself with no compassion or humanity after suffering his loss. Now everyone must suffer regardless of the crime. It will be interesting to see if he ever has the courage to address me with a response or maybe he is dead inside like we all feel.

My life is over here in the States. I now have to tell friends and family my big secret and pray for understanding that sometimes life happens to you in the worst unplanned way. After a sleepless night and panic, I have promised myself to be strong and get through this. I have promised to protect my wife and son even if it means I have to die to do so. No one is ever going to put me in hand cuffs again or lock me up in a prison cell... a promise I made myself after I got out. I would rather perish than go to jail for something I didn't do. According the the letter I have 2 months so we have already started packing and undoing our lives so we can leave. No one cares and it doesn't matter. I am not looking for sympathy. It's just that not everything is black and white. Try telling someone who is innocent and has been locked up for 25 years for rape but proven innocent that you're sorry for the crime against him. How do those people who lied etc sleep at night?

I have never hurt anyone in my life or been in trouble. I help anyone I can and have an extremely kind heart. I am not materialistic in any way and demand nothing but excellence and hard work from myself. Sadness does not even begin to express how I feel. Anger is not part of it but regret certainly is. But then again I think if I hadn't gone thru what I had, would I have still met my wife? If the answer would have been no, then I would have gladly gone thru it again as she is truly an incredible human being. My soul mate, my back bone and mother of my wonderful kid.

To all those who have tragic stories, I'm not sure anything can be done to right your lives. It seems there is a giant steel wall that has been erected around us
with little hope as long as the really sick people keep on killing the way they are. It's horrific and every news story is another nail in the coffin for us as public outcry showers us with more legislation. The futrue is bound to get worse with gps tracking and so on. I feel like Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes. An alien amongst humans chained and fettered soon to be kept in cages with no power to speak. I see no end in the near future and have resigned myself to never getting justice both in the country I was shafted in and anywhere I might land.

I sign off as another statistic with no voice, no power and no real hope. If that changes, I'll be sure to let everyone know. Just keeping it real.


Posted by: Mat B | May 4, 2008 3:56:43 PM

I was 26,had a great job. Making well over $100k a year. Condo, 2 cars, motorcycle, no credit cards no payments other then my condo. Was loving and living life. Had tons of friends but was missing something in life. A girlfriend. Was always working i mean always. Up at 6am home at 9 or 10 at night. Worked 6 sometimes 7 days a week. Out of 27 sales reps i was always in the top 3 even from the day i started. Well i got on yahoo personals. Seen someother guys in the office doing it and even one of my buddies was dating a pretty good looking woman from there. So i did it, there were some women on there that i chated with and we just had fun. Well there was this one chick. Her profile stated she was 19 years old Loved to party she had tattoos all over her arms and even one on her neck. Well we chated for around 2 weeks, Well one day she send me a message on my phone, and we started chatting. But something was off she did not remember some of the things we chatted about. Some times we had adult conversations other times we chatted about nothing really, well she asked me if i could give her a ride. That day i was headed to that area of town to drop off some paper work on this loan i was working on. And told her i could but it would be a few hours before i finish what needs to be done at the office. She said thats ok. So we chatted off and on for about 4 hours. Some adult convo came up, any how on this day it was her 15 year old cousin that thought it would be funny to get on her profile, and she did it at a public place. Well when she left the computer to go to where she was going to meet me in about a hour the person working there seen some of our convo and looked at my profile and seen that i was 26, BUT NEVER THOUGHT TO LOOK AT THE PROFILE SHE WAS CHATTING UNDER. That was not even her and was 19 years of age. So she did what any one even my self would do if i seen something like this. Called the cops. I go to meet her and as i am sitting waiting and looking for what i think she looks like from her photo. 4 cop cars block me in guns drawn like i am Osama, Ask me what i am doing there i said to me meet a this chick i meet from the computer. They put me under arrest. Well i tell my story to the cop and of course the cop being a cop that hears lies every single day. Dont buy it. But the other cop does. And says i think we should take a look at what he is saying on the computer. Well as he is saying it the phone rings and its his boss saying arrest me and send me to jail. My face and personal info was BLASTED across the news like i just killed 50 people the ran it over and over for 2 days. Well i lost a great job. In the time of the trial i landed a pretty good job selling up scale homes for a top builder in my area. So everytime i had a court date my stomach was in my throat. I would walk in just looking for news cameras and reporters. Court date after court date nothing. So i am like i know they are just waiting for the trial. Any how the DA makes a offer to my lawyer. By the way i paid my lawyer $8,500 cash he did all of nothing!!!!!!
The DA says to him, We will convict him of a non felony misdemeanor charge ( laywer says pretty much like a traffic charge) So that sounds good to me, DA also says that i must be on Probation for 2 years with out getting in to any trouble. Thats easy i thought, and i must serve 90 days with a box on my leg in my house with a set time to leave for work and be home, So i guess thats ok and register as a sex offender for 10 years. I did not at that time even know what a sex offender register was. They said its easy once a year go to the court house give them your address and if your address changes let them know, Well thats kinda a big deal but i was like a beating dog by this point affraid of losing yet again another job. So i ask my lawyer now i will take this deal if i can have this expunged off my recored. He talked to the DA and they said yes but i have to wait for one year after my probation to be over. Thinking 3 years from now this will just be like a bad dream and i can forget about it,. Dont have to worry about news cameras cool i will take it. I do what i am asked of, In the process due to the box on my leg and in sales i end up losing my job cause i have to home at a certin time and i can not preform my job they way i need to. So i lose my job. And thats when i found out what a sex offender regster is. It is someone that even after doing what the courts ask of them they are not to have a life, not to have a job, not to live where they want. We are trapped. I cant get a job, NOTHING NO WHERE, get that NO WHERE. My personaly Info is blasted across the internet for all to see. My daughters b-days come by and i get her on the weekends, she sees something on tv and says daddy see that thats what i want for my b-day. And i have to get up no lie and walk in to the bath room and run the shower water so she dont hear her father crying, As i am typing this just thinking of it i have just a flow of tears coming down my face. I cant do anything for her for School cloths, For school supplys, for Bdays, Xmass, or just fun things that dads like to do for there kids. Thinks my dad never did for me and i told my self when i have a kid i am going to take them and do things. I have a girlfriend and i am so lucky to have her for so many reasons we meet 3 years ago, she knows whats going on, and she pays for everything. And that alone brings even more tears to my eyes, cause i was raised that the man is to take care of the bills, and i lived that way for a very long time. And i have to go to our change bucket and pick out change to go to the store to buy cake mix and candles and a card for her birtday and bake her a cake. I cant even afford a proper gift, or a ingagement ring like i want to give her. So for all of you out there that paint sex offenders with one brush please re think it. There are some out there that did pretty much nothing and because the law is the law we pay the price. Think of it like this you get a speeding ticket and pay the ticket, but then you have to pay the ticket everysingle day for the rest of your life. I wont lie i dont support changing the laws for people that took a young child and did anything to that child i am a father of a little girl and i have to tell you if anything happend to her in that way they would just have to burry me cause i would kill that person with out a tought. But the laws of all of us in one big melting pot is past unfair, its crule. So now i have sold everything i have to help my girlfriend. And now i look out my front window and it makes me sad to know that i see a for sale sign in my yard. I was so proud when i bought this house from my father. I grew up in this house and even more important my mother passed away in her bed in her bed room in this very house. She died in her home, and i thought if i could be that lucky to when my number is called up to just go to sleep and die in my bed in my own house, well that is never going to happen. Cause when this house sells i am moving out of this Country to a foren world. I love this country i love the people in this country i love the land scape i love everything but i damm our goverment. For taking hard working tax paying Americans and not taking a second look at us, we have gotten to big for our britches and when you go over seas you see it. In the way people view Americans. And the shame is they dont view our people they view our goverment as the people. Guys its time to stand up and fight for our rights and i know that they took our voting rights away from most of us. And they knew what they were doing. They see the mass amount of people they are putting on the sex offenders list. That number can grow to where one day the will have to listin to us. But if we cant vote well not sure if we can do much. For the people that view us one sided. There is a man that wote this email that you are reading, he has a 7 year old daughter that is missing out on time with her father, there is a woman that is missing out on her wedding honey moon and count less other times, and there is a man that with each passing day the thought of grabbing his shot gun and walking out in the woods and killing his self gets closer and closer to reality. Just two days ago i was so depressed i sat in this very chair that i am speaking to all you strange people in with a gun in my mouth... And my mind state was changed by a phone ringing. But i fear that one day i wont let anything change my mind. And a young child has to throw a flower on her dads casket and never had the times she has the rights to have with her father.

Posted by: Americas throw away son | Jun 12, 2008 8:09:22 PM

Hi your story touched me deeply. My name is Jeff & I have Been searching the net hopeing to find someone or people like you, with a similar problem and I find it hard to get help. I too have paid for what I have done and I'm not here to sugar coat it or Justify but I guess everyone's case is different. Here is what happen to me read below,.

I'll give you a brief story about what happen to me. I was 19 years old & my girlfriend was 15 & I didn't realize that aged mattered cause I was still like a little kid at 19 years old myself. Anyway I got charged and now I have been on megans law, and I fall under the 10 year registry. However from what I'm been reading, looks like they will somehow demand I do life.

My ten years are up, I just went to register this June of 08 which makes 10 years, now I'm not sure what to do, I want to go on with my life. I did wrong and I paid for it and I'm a changed person & I won't ever make another mistake again like that in my life. I never knew about the law at 19 years old, let alone be charged for having a girlfriend who told me she was 18 and I beleived her, but its nor here no there. When your young and you don't know the law and very afraid the first thing you do is plead guilty, Had I known and was old enough or had family support, I would have made better judgements.

I don't know what I should do or the action I can take if they try to entrapp me in the new law that was passed in 2004 that we should all do life registry.

I haven't ever got in trouble again & I don't plan to. I made a big mistake at that age and sometimes I think I have no way out on how people look at me or label me something that I'm not.

I thought of suicide but then again that won't solve anything it would make them win again.

Any resources or non profit organizations that can help you and I, as well as others who like us get stamped with SO when we really are not. Especially trying to make us do a life sentence and getting no second chances.

I think its harsh and cruel. How come murders and bank robbers get second chances.
I look forward to hearing from you, with your thoughts, & opinions that can help me in this situation.

Thanks again,
God Bless

Posted by: | Jun 15, 2008 7:59:19 PM

I am a Web Designer with a Cause.

I am CITIZENS FOR LEGISLATIVE CHANGE - AMERICA. http://www.cfcamerica.org

I have a website where registered sex offenders, or their families, friends, friends can come and tell how these laws are effecting them.

Please come tell your story, your information will not be used for any other purpose other than trying to get these idiotic, draconian Schindler's List laws thrown out.
Please tell your friends, just a few people can make a huge difference if they have hope, and try!

Posted by: JustaDadathome | Jun 25, 2008 4:04:29 AM

i want to know what is needed in arizona, maricopa county actually, to convicy someone onsexual abuse charges. i am a key witness in a current case andthe prosecuter has now made the statement that if i come to testify on his behalf i will be arrested fortampering with a witness. there was no tampering. the girl wrote a letter to the courts admitting she was lying and the prosec uter says i made her do it. what the fuck is wrong with this picture?

Posted by: jennifer | Aug 3, 2008 5:05:20 PM

Do you really want to know the life one leads as a convicted sex offender. I will tell you first hand. I am a registered sex offender . My crime was attempted sexual abuse of a minor. I pleaded to the offense because i could not afford a real attorney. Instead I had a public defender who did not do his job very well. I did not learn of that until i made inquiries as to what is actually on record. Now i have to get a lawyer , which i cannot afford, to fix this mess. Anyway, 15 years ago it all began. I pleaded because my public defender told me it was the best for me. He also said i did not have a leg to stand on. I spent 41 days in jail. Got out, went back to work. Months later i was discharged because of it. I moved to NJ. Got a job that lasted 10 years. My employer knew of my past. I lead a good life. stayed out of trouble and lived alone the whole time. I visited my family every weekend because I did not have anywhere else to go. After ten years of being registered, i was ready to put it all behind me. I would not have had to register anymore nor would notices go to my neighbors about me anymore. I could move to a new location and live my life normal again. But that was not the case. Months before my end of required registration was to end, I received a letter from the state in which my registration was active. The letter stated that the law had changed. It stated that i was to continue my registration for another ten years. I felt like slitting my wrist. I am now on my 15th year of required registration. I still don't have friends.Ii go from job to job. I am constantly monitored by 4 law enforcement agencies because of where I now live. My neighbors get a notice in the mail every 3 months. I am constantly receiving harassing mail from unknown people . My life is nothing. I was doing very well again. My credit was fixed. I had everything I have ever wanted back again. Now I lost it all again because of the law. Yes, I do understand that there is a problem with sexual offenses against men ,women and especially children. But I also know that I paid my dues to society as required by law at the time of my conviction. The problem is that the law does not protect the convicted anymore. Ex-cons do not have rights until they are restored by the state in which the crime was committed. Over 89 percent of them are not aware of the law which will allow them to have their rights restored. We cannot plead our case because no one will listen. I want my rights restored. I am a citizen. I served my country with honor. I used poor judgement and made a mistake. I paid for that mistake and now I am paying for it again and again. If it were your son or daughter in my situation, I am sure you would look at it as cruel and unusual punishment. All I ask is "Please, give us a chance to become productive human beings again". I was almost there and had the rug pulled out from under me. I have no where else to turn. I am also alone. I don't want you to feel sorry for me. All I ask is for the law to be fair. 5 more years to go for me. I am afraid the law will change before the end of my remaining 5 years. I will probably have to be chemically altered for something I paid for 20 years ago. It is not fair at all.

Posted by: Mike | Aug 7, 2008 4:21:19 PM

Do you really want to know the life one leads as a convicted sex offender. I will tell you first hand. I am a registered sex offender . My crime was attempted sexual abuse of a minor. I pleaded to the offense because i could not afford a real attorney. Instead I had a public defender who did not do his job very well. I did not learn of that until i made inquiries as to what is actually on record. Now i have to get a lawyer , which i cannot afford, to fix this mess. Anyway, 15 years ago it all began. I pleaded because my public defender told me it was the best for me. He also said i did not have a leg to stand on. I spent 41 days in jail. Got out, went back to work. Months later i was discharged because of it. I moved to NJ. Got a job that lasted 10 years. My employer knew of my past. I lead a good life. stayed out of trouble and lived alone the whole time. I visited my family every weekend because I did not have anywhere else to go. After ten years of being registered, i was ready to put it all behind me. I would not have had to register anymore nor would notices go to my neighbors about me anymore. I could move to a new location and live my life normal again. But that was not the case. Months before my end of required registration was to end, I received a letter from the state in which my registration was active. The letter stated that the law had changed. It stated that i was to continue my registration for another ten years. I felt like slitting my wrist. I am now on my 15th year of required registration. I still don't have friends.Ii go from job to job. I am constantly monitored by 4 law enforcement agencies because of where I now live. My neighbors get a notice in the mail every 3 months. I am constantly receiving harassing mail from unknown people . My life is nothing. I was doing very well again. My credit was fixed. I had everything I have ever wanted back again. Now I lost it all again because of the law. Yes, I do understand that there is a problem with sexual offenses against men ,women and especially children. But I also know that I paid my dues to society as required by law at the time of my conviction. The problem is that the law does not protect the convicted anymore. Ex-cons do not have rights until they are restored by the state in which the crime was committed. Over 89 percent of them are not aware of the law which will allow them to have their rights restored. We cannot plead our case because no one will listen. I want my rights restored. I am a citizen. I served my country with honor. I used poor judgement and made a mistake. I paid for that mistake and now I am paying for it again and again. If it were your son or daughter in my situation, I am sure you would look at it as cruel and unusual punishment. All I ask is "Please, give us a chance to become productive human beings again". I was almost there and had the rug pulled out from under me. I have no where else to turn. I am also alone. I don't want you to feel sorry for me. All I ask is for the law to be fair. 5 more years to go for me. I am afraid the law will change before the end of my remaining 5 years. I will probably have to be chemically altered for something I paid for 20 years ago. It is not fair at all.

Posted by: Mike | Aug 7, 2008 4:22:53 PM


Posted by: BLL | Sep 25, 2008 1:57:41 PM

compaq pp2101x battery

Posted by: | Oct 14, 2008 11:15:22 AM

I was convicted of ANOYING A JUVENILE over 25 years ago a misdemeanor yet I am still put into the same list as a child rapest,, this guy was 15 and he led me on, he instigated the whole incident. But I know he is still considered a child,,so I had no defence. There was no sex involved. I just put my hand on his knee. I now hate America and dont care what happens to this country. I know I have been punished way beyond what I should have been. I will continued to be punished until I die. I am retired now and live in Hawaii and I must register every three months.

Posted by: jim | Oct 29, 2008 2:48:19 AM

I normally would write a post, but I think enough people who come here know what i normally would say. All I would like to say here is that I would like registered sex offender to email me and to keep in touch with news or other information about registatoin and so forth, it is very lonely world to be a so called "registered sex offender."

Posted by: tomebaden | Nov 30, 2008 5:58:17 AM

I have been reading more of these horror stories, and I will add something that I haven't said before eleswhere. Now days as a registered sex offender, I am afraid of underage people, last year a 16 year old girl told me of a sexual molestation of her 12 year old causin, that she had filmed it and that the guy she was going with did it. She was now breaking up with the guy who was 21, I decided to tell the police about the molestation of a 12 year old, I didn't give them all the info just made the report and gave the names but but not completely. I told them of course that there was video evidence. Later they called me to follow up and they asked me "you are a registered sex offender arn't you" I said yes but not for child molestation. They asked me if I could get the full names of the people involved and I told them I already have them written in my address book but since I was driving at the time to call back. They never called.
As a registered sex offender they evidently thought I was not a credible source of information and nothing was ever followed up on. Fuck this hypocritical bulshit! I can't even be given credit when I want to turn in a bonifide child molester, 21 is too old to be with a 12 year old especially when the 16 year old cousin told me that he saw a picture of her 2 year old sister and said "I want to fuck her" I told this to police too and said that
that is actually why I decided to call because as for the 12 year old it sounded like she was an enthusiastic participant so I probably would have let it slide if not for the commment about the 2 year old. They never did shit! It made me feel disinfranchised and I hate them and will never try to help their asses again. Its bad enough that I had to swallow my contempt for police just to make the complaint in the first place. I notice that our webpages andemail are not shown. I would like to hear from others even those on this page all of you from time to time to know how it is going. That story about the guy whos girl set him up and now he has to leave the country, that scenario, at least as far as the lying girlfriend should be every mans nightmare. Watch OUT! women learn to use the cops to f up men becaues they cannot get them physically. My sight is meganslaw.angelfire.com and cowleyrobin@hotmail.com

Posted by: tomebaden | Nov 30, 2008 8:49:19 PM

We need to find woman who knew these lawmakers when they were teens, and have them come forward and see how many of these guys broke the law by having sex. This sickens me. I can not imagine if we went back and prosecuted men who had sex with a 14 yr old when they were 18. When I was 13 I looked and acted 18, no guy would have any idea I was 13. They say older guys prey on the younger girls. I know when I was 17 my boyfriend was 23. He did not prey on me.I broke his heart. It would make me so sad to think of him being in a prison like a rapist would be. Ruthie

Posted by: Ruthie | Dec 25, 2008 7:31:45 PM

I can recall my time spent in a court room listening to the procicution plead their case against me and a freind. I couldn't remember the night in question because I was stoned out on some wiskey and beer. Aparantly the girl we was acussed of raping was snatched off the street and drug into my van. Their was a wittness to the scuffle. The girl said she was repeatedly raped by me and my freind. She said she was a virgin and that she was 16 at the time of the act. I was horrified that I could commit such an act. Time went on and the doctor that examined her got on the stand. The doctor stated that he found NO evidence of penitration only that the arrea was wet from what he said could be from excitement. The doc also said that the girl could have lost her vaginty from falling on the cross bar of a boys bike at a young age. Well when the trial was over I was convicted of 1st degree csc. As I look back to the time of 1991-1992 in witch was the trial proccedings. I got sentenced to 10-20 years, mind you I had no pryer convictions. My orignal sentence was 8-20 but the judge gave me 2 more years because I didn't attend a mental evaluation. I went to prison in june of 92, and I came back to court for a time cut in 95. There in the court room was my family, and what I did while I was in prison was work and go to school. I took up all the education I could and earned three certificates, Auto-body, Building Trades and office occupation, and attended church. My attorney at the time was court appointed and he told the Judge of my accomplishments and the Judge then asked if the victim was pressent before he past the sentence, and the victim wasn't, so The Judge reduced my sentence to 7-15. That ment I was in 2 tears of my first out date. When I went back to prison I was called to an office and I was asked the question did I commit the crime, my life was flahing in front me my 2 boys whom I left when they was 6 months and the other was 1 and a 1/2 years old. I knew that the answer would depend on if I get out early or max out. All I could think of was my family so I said yes. I then had to take a pysco-therapy group session and in it the theripist told me she belives if I was alone I would not have committed the crime, I was overwelmed that she could see the real me. My therapist wrote a report about me and I took it with me to the parole board and when it was read I was told that if I get another report anything like this report that I would be granted parole, and when I told my theapist this she made the second report even better, and I was granted parole. But it would seem that the nightmare would not end. I got out January of 98' due to an act of congress because the person that was supose to sign my release papers went on a two week vaction and I would have to wait untill she got back. Thats when I got on the phone and called my family who the called the congressman to have me emmidiately released. I often look at this, as to would I have been convicted of this, if I went for a jury. I'm 45 now and I still have to be on this list until 2015. I Know what it feels like to pay over and over again. I thought of writihg the Judge that convicted me if their was a chance I could be removed from the list. I remember my youthful days and dating girls, I remember one girl I was dating when we were sitting in the basement my girlfreind was on my lap, her sister turned to me and said "you know my sister is only 12" I looked at my girlfreind and she notted yes. I then pushed her off of me and asked if they was foreal, they said yea even though we only kissed that was to much for me so I left. I broke it off with her and we are still good friends. I can remember when my kids mothers sister was wanting me and she was only 14 at the time and it got to the point that I had called the sister and had her tell my girlfreind at the time that it was her trying to split us up. You see I know where to draw that line and not to cross it. I feel as adults we have to guide our children in the right direction. We have a duty to teach our kids street smarts to protect them selves so there not cought in the violance. My one son is 18 now and wants to join the National Gaurd. I my self would think that if an evaluation of me could be done then maybe they would see the real me and not the shadow of what i've become. I do belive we all should get a second chance and a fair trial, it seems I didn't get either.

Posted by: justice | Jan 29, 2009 2:15:06 PM

I am the Founding Member of the Glorious National Party. Our Mission is to return to all convicted felons who have served their sentences and completed their probation have their right to privacy restored in full except to law enforcement. We have other issues that concern us, such as the necessity for the restoration of a return of a currency in our Nation backed by Gold, and the abolition of the Federal Reserve and fractional banking, the practice of creating money out of nothing.
I have a new Website coming that will help all ex felons make an honest living and, more importantly, organize for the abolition of these unconstitutional and barbaric laws that have created a "leper class" in America today.
You can join me with a clever witty invention I am about to share with you today. After this, an even stronger organizing tool will be revealed shortly to you. That witty invention is www.GloriousNational Party.ws.

Posted by: Richard Peter | Feb 25, 2009 9:17:21 PM

Megans Law in California is Unfair!!
Unfair to those of us who are FORCED
single year for the rest of out life?
for 1944 MISDEMEANOR convictions?
The pasadena police refuse to register
manditory registrations ON TIME
now many of us are facing PRISON TIME
for a 30 year old MISDEMEANOR sex CONVICTION!!
this is totally unfair !!!!!!!!!!!!!
back in the early 1970s i was railroaded into
a false arrest wrongful misdemeanor past conviction
in los angeles county california
in fear for my life or JAIL FORCED RAPE i was
forced to take a guilty plea i was ionnocent!!
in 1996 the state of california made all former
sex convictions from check this out 1944 on to
stations every year on thier birthday !!!
on or about the year 2003 they finally caught up
with me and i did not know what was going on at
suddenly i was ARRESTED in rough hard HANDCUFFS
and on my way back to JAIL for failing to REGISTER
form that point on i am FORCED once every year to
go to the pasadena police station only to get
DELAYED and put off and told to go away even
after repeat APPOINTMENTS i am told everytime ...
''the lady who does that is not here'' !!!
and so what usually happens is my regestration s
are always LATE ''the pasadena police''
this last time i was ARRESTED and BOOKED for not
finally after 4 weeks i finally got to tha' LADY
now i face court AGAIN for something i did not do
back in he early 1970s !!!!!!!!!
WHERE IS THE JUSTICE HERE !! none for black men !!
and none for me !!
i may have to leave california when i become a old
man i do not want to have to do this forever!!
the state of california megans law is wrong!!
it must be reformed completely !!
i have never been charged or even accused of any
nothing like this ever since the 1970s
and i did not do what they said i did then !!

Posted by: lincoln montana | Apr 5, 2009 12:46:43 AM

As a wife of a sex offender i also fell so many people are being labeled unjust.My husband was accused of running my daughters 14yrs friends butt and now has 2 reg as a sex offender of 25yrs mind u he has never even had a traffic ticket our 6 children have been living with different relatives. Its been a nightmare. he will be off probation after serving his 6 months jail time and 18 months it been 2 yrs and our children can finally come home next week but i am a wreck just waiting for cps 2 show up again!

Posted by: e | Jun 8, 2009 4:30:59 PM

I am the mother of a young man that was accused of having sex with a minor. The girl was almost 17 yrs. of age. And my son was not convicted, but he might as well have been. He has had to do 10 yrs. on probation and it started out being 5 yrs. But because he can't find a job and pay all the fines and counseling fees, they put him in jail and I had to pay thousands of dollars to keep my so out of jail. Now he is a shell of himself. And the girl talks to everyone about how she screwed this guys life up. And laughs. I am so afraid my son will kill himself. I have tried everything. I think he should leave the country. If he goes to prison for this he will not make it! And the judge said he will do the max 12 yrs. So he had better make money for his fines etc.. or off he goes. What can I do? What can he do? How can we fight this law to at least catagorize these ridiculos laws? Is there a lobby group for this? I want my son to have a better life. Is ther not a lawyer out there that has the gumption to fight??? I need some advice. But I have no more money to give to lawyers or courts. His story I sure is not unique. And most men if they would just admit it have had sex with girl under 16 sometime in their life! Even that judge that dishes out all this sentencing. It could be his son or daughter that is charged next.

Posted by: Dgrissom | Jun 17, 2009 10:08:20 AM

I took home 2 girls from a bar in provo utah back in 2002. Both of them had id's showing age 21. And took them home to a birthday party. And both looked older and acted older with big boobs and about 6 feet tall. And when we took the girls home there mom wanted to know where there doughters are at. And thay told them where thay was at that night. And got a knock on the door and police make it sound like a crime or some one was murdered. And later on police told us both ladys was 13 not 21 or 18. Tryed to get me for rape and pled to a lower charge same as my friend steve curently in utah. And i sign this peace of paper of what i did and other wise had no evidance for eather of us me or steve! So now i have left utah to gain more freedom in oregon. And none of this drivers licence crap to be labeled and this internet crap to be followed with. And have no job and no stress with this mest up system. And curently going to law school. And i do have secerty camera's on achflys there on main street in provo utah camera footage in the bar yes the bar to bring to court. And the judge and prole bord will not take it to reopen my case and steve as well. The sysyem is mest up 100%!!! And you can not prove anything! And cy roby in utah freaking a Elisabeth Smart did marry and plan it out to get with Bryan! That is more mest up than you will ever think! On Adam Walsh act there was no trace of Rape or Force Of Rape or any DNA linking to Tollie or anyone to show who has done such a thing! Oh my hell pass such a double jerperdy law and then pass falce lies to the public!.. And where are we going with this anyway? Another cival war??? I hate being a sex offender. I did not know eather of there true ages!! UTAH IS VERY BAD FOR THIS CRAP! This is unfair. Thay used me as a cop. To turn against this such crimes. To see the courption from police department and such charges from here say nothing not even scaring or sign of anything forced just basicly pure bullshit! And i will bring out a movie and i do have sundance aproval and from paper work from Aaron Spelling and Robert Redford from October of 2002. And lawyers and so on fully funded! I hate this system of made up crap it needs to be brought to the eye of the movie's and then court. And or get the hell out of united states and go to france or in the u.k area. Save up some money and go or sell your house and or what you have to do and just go. Or have nothing and live a life of nothing wothless and be nothing do what you have to do.

Posted by: student | Jan 26, 2010 2:48:14 AM

First of all i live in Tx i have register for 15 yrs and i found out i have to register for life ,here is the kick in the butt i got caught up working i work 7 days a week i now can make up up 125k a year i have better myself when i was charged for my crime i was given ( 90 days shock probation which you serve 90 days and placed on probation for 3 years )never failed the register no trouble what so ever , now i stand to lose my house and everything i don't even know what level they have me at all i know the DA here wants me to take a plea of 2years parole out in how much time , that will cause me to lose everything by not working that long , what can i do look at my sentence did the courts find me to be that bad of a person or that dangerous 15 years ago to come back and do this to me now ?

Posted by: I give up | Jan 30, 2010 4:33:59 PM

i am a registered sex offender in michigan child protective services is denighing my sister coustody of her minor son because of me being a sex offender i do not live with her and do not see her offten how can they take her child because of me? i have no restrictions am not on parole and am up to date on the regisry how can they plunish my sister for i crime i committed please someone help

Posted by: larry santos | Feb 3, 2010 11:27:05 PM

Mother of Sex-Offender

Posted by: SJG | Mar 13, 2010 11:42:17 AM

Are all of the states charging a fee for registration now? i can't believe my son got a letter stating that he must pay $100.00 to register( non-complience could lock him up)
What about people without jobs? When he was sentenced, these laws weren't in place...how can they do this?
I almost think that, because it's so hard for them to find work, they should qualify for disability...after all, isn't that what these laws are doing? Disabling people from the pursuit of happiness guaranteed them in our constitution!

Posted by: SJG | Mar 13, 2010 11:47:54 AM

i just dont think that someone who makes one mistake in there life, should be labeled with all the sick SOB's that actually stalk little children, force themselves on victoms, and repeat there crimes- I love children, and would never hurt a child!! but i was accused of doing a oral job on my 12 year old niece, which i swear to god i didnt!! that is so sick on so many levels. Because i could not afford an attorney- i had to use a court appointed attourney. he did nothing for me!! my nieces parents were both crack heads for her whole life-- the father for 4 years was not allowed near her, for abuse, and neglect!! and in my defense non of that was permitted in court! so instead of rotten in jail i stupidly took a plea!! dumbest move ever!!! in hinesight i would have rather tooken it to trial!!!
Now i got this label for the rest of my Life!! Im homeless, and flat broke liveing on the street! no one will hire me or help me!! so tell me is that fair???

Posted by: rauel | May 21, 2010 12:20:08 AM

I am a wife of a registered sex offender. Even though he is not guilty, his public defender told him he really needed to plead guilty. Arrested on July 1, warrant served on July 22, pretrial scheduled but never happened. He was told to register for ten years after his release from prison. He has registered as required and then they changed his requirement. He was supposed to register once a year for ten years. Laws change and it went to every six months and then to every 90 days. He was only supposed to register for ten years, (new law) now he has to register for life. Where's the fairness in that? That's double jeopardy, life being sentenced twice for the same crime. He says he is still innocent and desperately wishes he had gone to trial instead of taking a plea bargain.

Posted by: bfd | Oct 13, 2010 10:18:21 AM

In 1992 The Florida Department of Law Enforcement planted CP in my possession in the form of Video Tapes and I bit and was charged and Adjudication was Witheld. I served 8 years of supervised probation, went through extensive counciling and therapy and paid thousand for court costs and attorney fees. I was released from probation in 2001 and must be registered for life or after 25 years I can file for relief. In many states Adjudication Witheld means no Registration but even if I move to another state and don't have to register, my Sex Offender Flyer will still be on-site in Florida and on google the first thing you see when you type in my name! I'm ruined for life and don't know where to turn. I never harmed a child or anyone and I actually never even viewed the videos. My lawyer said No Contest was the best so I pleaded that and now look where I'm at. I need a support group, I need help! There is nowhere in Orange County Florida to go for help... I have lost all my friends and I cannot find a employer that will hire me because I'm a SO. I'm in big trouble financially, on the verge of losing everything I own, my own mother is ashamed to have me as a son. Nobody believes my story about how I came to get the Videos. Is there anyone out there that can help me gather the strength to go on. I need council to file for a State Pardon but that is a long shot! Was once a great member of my community and now black-listed. Nobody will even talk to me, friends, family or x-employers. Word got out and I have been called every name in the book, threatened with violence and cops still come to my door even though I have been in release for nearly 10 years. I never did anything wrong, before or after... PLEASE HELP! E-Mail: centralhsd@earthlink.net (John) Apopka, Florida -THIS IS A LEGIT CALL FOR HELP~ REGISTERED OFFENDER

Posted by: JE Vizzusi | Nov 5, 2010 10:07:32 AM

I'm sorry. Everyone seems to be complaining about sex offenders being lumped into one category and saying certain offenders shouldn't have to register. I agree, certainly, that they (we. I am a sex offender) shouldn't be lumped into one category, but I think you all (hyperbole) are missing the real point. REGISTRATION SHOULD NOT EVEN EXIST, not for ANY offender. Once a person has done his/her time, it should be OVER. Registration does NOT PREVENT any future offenses, unless, of course, you consider that a person who may possibly reoffend is put back in prison for something stupid like not informing the "authorities" that he/she has moved within a week. Should we really be putting people in prison for not INFORMING (sounds awfully Naziistic or communistic doesn't it) on themselves ? OR for shaving off a beard and not telling the police? Or for any number of incredibly stupid things that NOONE ELSE in America would go to prison for ? !! Registration, regardless of what any court says, is UNCONSTITUTIONAL ! Americans, according to the constitution, are not supposed to be surveiled without cause ! A PAST OFFENSE is NOT cause! Probable cause involves suspicion of CURRENT activities, not watching you because of past activities. Next, they will be searching our homes without warrants. Sex offenders registration is discriminatory. I could go back to prison for something that you would be enraged and appalled to have charged against yourself. It just isn't JUST. It's wrong. Whatever anyone might think of me for what I did in my past, registration is still an injustice. I'm all for the collection of DNA of sex offenders. THAT will actually accomplish something. If an offender reoffends, then they will have his DNA on file and can track him down and put him back in prison. But we, as Americans, are not supposed to punish people for what they MIGHT do in the future, or for what they might be THINKING. Make no mistake, that's exactly what this is.

Posted by: Ron | Jan 23, 2011 1:01:20 AM

I am the wife of a sex offender. He didn't do any more then hug a child , and a kiss on the lips. How many of us have done that? And since he was arrested because the child told her mother he tried to rape her . Get real he went to prison because he admitted to hugging her and kissing her.And his attorney was a public defender. so he got no real defense .And his attorney didn't question anyone about anything that happened . And when the plea bargin came it sounded like a good idea from being a felony to a misamenor. So he pleaed guilty. Get real he went to prison with a charge of trying to molested a child. he's a big man over six foot, over 200 lbs so if he had wanted to molest this child there would have been no trying about it. He would have got it done. Before he got released the prison was told to detain him to be taken back to the county where he came from, for more charges. They charged him with child porn because they had found pictures of maybe kids maybe young adults on a computer that the seized the day he got arrested the first time and now he's being charged with several counts of child porn. They never even looked to see if these pictures might have been downloaded by mistake.Thinking maybe he had thought it adult porn. Or maybe downloaded by mistake. He used limewire. And the proscuting attonery is saying the only thing limewire is for is downloading child porn. This is crap as we used it for downloading music.And since he served his sentence he should of be allowed to be released , instead of having to go on trial again . What has happened to our justice system ? And them charging him with new charges not only punishes him. but his family. So even though he did his time . He's in court and jail all over again, maybe to be sent away. again.When can his family know it's all over. If he gets sentenced again. and serves his time will the law charge him with something new then ,too. I'm very upset with our system I always thought the law was for our good not to judge us without a fair hearing.

Posted by: Barbara | Mar 29, 2011 1:40:32 AM

I am an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I met a man 8 years ago who was funny, kind, hard-working and generous. We fell in love and began a great relationship. He was convicted of aggravated assault and rape when he was only 22 (he's in his 50's now) and sentenced to 30 years in prison. To his credit, he was forthright and honest about his past with me...and he's a great human being. I AM OUTRAGED at the extent we have become sheep in this country. The registry is INSANE! NO person should have to put their name on a list that outlines their past offenses. It is also an noneffective tool as MOST (95%) of ALL sex offenders NEVER RE OFFEND! It causes a stigma for the person and their family...makes it difficult to reintegrate into society and makes it extremely difficult to find housing. My taxpayer dollars should not go to a system that creates a permanant underclass and contributes to new offenses brought by desperation. There are many other problems with how we deal with these offenses. Several states have a test that can be administered to ANYONE convicted of ANY sex crime on parole. This test includes attatching electrodes to the genetalia of a parolee and showing them pictures of naked children to measure weather or not they are aroused. Imagine you are one of those poor teens that posted above who is dealing with trying to reintegrate with society, find a job, rejoin your family and now you have to be subjected to THIS! And Pay for it, too! I AM MAD AS HELL AND I REFUSE TO LAY DOWN FOR THE SYSTEM ANYMORE! I would rather be a fugitive with my wonderful husband, than allow him to be subjected to this cruelty. If anyone knows what a sex offender is, it is I...and I want RESPONSIBLE laws that make sense and do not lump all offenses together. A person who pees in public or coincidentally clicks on the wrong porn site is not the same as a person who pursues children for their own sexual gratification, or a sociopath who attacks unsuspecting people for a sexual power play. JOIN AN ADVOCACY GROUP! Talk to Occupy about these concerns...CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS! Help yourselves and help society.

Posted by: Mad As Hell | May 3, 2012 9:10:37 AM

I agree, when I was 21 I met a girl in a bar while i was celebrating my birthday. I went home with her and later found out she was 14!!!!! A "friend" turned me into the police when he was picked up on residential burglary charges. When the police arrested me I was honest and upfront with them, and even the girl admitted in a signed statement that she lied to me about my age. The state picked up charges and I was sentenced to nine years in prison. I served 5 and a half of them. I got out got into collage and started the hell of registering. I am almost thirty years old now and I cant take my two year old daughter to the park or even pick her up from school. I cannot attend any school events for her without written permission at all. And try finding a job, I am fortunate that I was able to start my own business which is not doing well but I had no other choice because no one would hire me at all. I don't know what I am going to do with my life right now. Its very scary out here on the registry.

Posted by: Matthew | Jul 6, 2012 11:30:58 AM

I cant believe some of these testimonies. Our justice system is incorrect and needs Gods hand in it. I am interested in hearing more, if you are a sex offender and need someone to talk to , my name is Mike. I am also a sex offender and need to talk to others that have conflicting opinions about the registry. I can go on and on and it would take all day to express my thoughts on this matter. How does someone who made a mistake have to remain on the registry for the rest of their lives ? God help us. Email me someone yoyo52_jess@yahoo.com... God bless each and every one of you who feel the stigma and the humiliation you experience, I feel it too. There is light at the end of the tunnel, there is a God, and he is responsible for you. Trust in him, don't trust in man. God bless.

Posted by: Michael | Jun 9, 2015 12:56:01 AM

Really people all I hear is whining and crying. Poor poor pitiful me. I am a sex offender and find all of you guys fucking useless stand the hell up and fight for your life people really. Do any of you not have the balls to do something or are you just going to wine and ask for someone else to take care of you because thats all I have seen for ten years I spent in prison. Im pretty sure I can count on both hands the sex offenders I have met who people walked softly around me included. Why do you allow your life to be taken from you like this. Why should we stive to follow laws when the people who make or in force them do not follow the law themselves. Everyone of us knows that the registry laws are against the constitution. So I want to ask you this what is your life worth cause I know what mine is and I will never let someone put me in a box again

Posted by: Larry Randol | Nov 16, 2020 2:42:52 AM

I was like most people in America when I got arrested which is ignorant and lazy. Thinking that the if I had done nothing wrong there was nothing I had to worry about boy was I wrong. Over the years I spent in prison reading all the laws and how they could be used I came to realize something about all of this. First off before I come to my point I would love to ask all them really smart people who study and practice law something. What the fuck is wrong with all of you for making it to where most normal people can not even understand what is said as you have to learn a hole new language. Now for all them everyday normal people who someone might know or the people like me who had no choice but learn I ask where do you draw tbe line in allowing this system that we all can say it not just broken but about to destroy its self if something is not done because as I see it the people who are supposed to run this country and I mean from head to toe every last one of them need to either be remove or at least have and understand of what real fear means what is your life worth cause that is what needs to be figured out at dome point. Ok that said I have an idea that I would like some feed back on cause this is something I have thought on for a very long time. I think that everyone who has anything to do with law from cops on up should spend a mandatory two years in a real prison so they can understand value of what they think is right also I think that everyone else should spend at least a stent in the military because the American people are to fucking stupid now a days to think for themselves they would rather have that nice feeling of safety that is only an illusion because they are to afraid to take care of themselves they want someone else to do it.

Posted by: Larry Randol | Nov 16, 2020 3:08:18 AM

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