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June 20, 2005

Three more great Booker decisions from Judge Adelman

As if Monday wasn't exciting enough — with the California Supreme Court's Black decision (basics here, commentary here), the Adelphia sentencings, and all the work (and non-work) of SCOTUS —the day also included three new Booker sentencing decisions by US District Judge Lynn Adelman.  Judge Adelman, of course, is responsible for many ground-breaking post-Booker decisions, including Ranum on the weight to be given to the guidelines (basics here, commentary here and here), Galvez-Barrios on fast-track disparity (basics here, commentary here), and Smith on the crack-cocaine disparities (basics here). 

Judge Adelman's troika today, all of which can be downloaded below, are US v. Leroy, No. No. 03-CR-289 (D. Wisc. June 20, 2005), US v. Beamon, No. No. 04-CR-55 (D. Wisc. June 20, 2005), and US v. Qualls, No. No. 03-CR-194 (D. Wisc. June 20, 2005).  All three are terrific reads.  In short form, Leroy expands on Smith and Ranum, the role of courts under advisory guidelines, and the ability of the court to remedy the crack/powder cocaine disparity.  Beamon discusses § 3553(e) after Booker.  And Qualls discusses the need for incremental punishment and career offender guidelines.

Download leroy_by_adelman.pdf

Download beamon_by_adelman.pdf

Download qualls_by_adelman.pdf

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