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July 19, 2005

What was Edith Clement like as a sentencing judge?.... update: "nevermind"

The blogsphere is predicting that the President will tonight name Edith Clement as his nominee for the Supreme Court to replace Justice O'Connor (consider posts over at SCONo and Volokh and UTR).  Of course, the same blogsphere predicted that Chief Justice Rehnquist was retiring earlier this month, so I plan to have the television on when President Bush make his announcement at 9pm this evening.

In the meantime, SCONo and Volokh and others have lots and lots of Clement coverage, including this growing list of interesting circuit opinions and this interesting comment thread.  Not surprisingly, no one is (yet?) focused on my question about what Clement might think of Harris and Almendarez-Torres.  Moreover, I do not yet see any talk of her work as a district judge from 1991 to 2001, although I have stressed in this post that I consider Clement's district court experience (which also necessarily means a bit more in-the-trenches criminal law experience) is a significant plus.

I suspect some of my readers might have had direct experience with Clement as a district judge, and I am of course especially interested in her record as a sentencing judge.  I hope readers will use the comments to share any experiences or insights they have about Judge Clement.

UPDATE:  Redstate.org is saying now that "staffers on the Senate Judiciary Committee have begun steering people away from Edith Brown Clement."  Such crazy fun.

FURTHER UPDATE:  Perhaps it is a little early to say "nevermind," but now ABC news is reporting Judge Clement is not the nominee.  Tom Goldstein at SCONo is now off the Clement bandwagon.  Redstate.org is talking about John Roberts here and now I am really stoked for 9pm.

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