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August 18, 2005

A busy sentencing day for the First Circuit

The First Circuit played the role of busy sentencing bee on Wednesday with the issuance of a large group of opinions on Booker and related topics.  (Regular readers know that the busy bee role is usually filled by the Eighth Circuit, and that court on Wednesday did issue an interesting opinion concerning the definition of "violent felony" for purposes of the armed career criminal act in US v. Johnson, No. 04-1839 (8th Cir. Aug. 17, 2005) (available here).)

Helpfully, the folks over at Appellate Law & Practice have summaries and links to all the First Circuit action in reviews of cases concerning a plea colloquy, Booker plain error here and here, a Booker remand and Booker and Shepard arguments.  For real Booker fanatics, I think the First Circuit's plain error discussions in US v. Guzman, No. 04-1888 (1st Cir. Aug. 17, 2005) (available here), and US v. Estevez, No. 03-1496 (1st Cir. Aug. 17, 2005) (available here), are worth a look (especially because Guzman has Judge Selya in fine linguistic form). 

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