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August 25, 2005

Another batch of post-Booker data from the USSC

I was surprised and pleased to discover, over at the US Sentencing Commission's Booker webpage, a new batch of post-Booker data at this link.  Appearing only a few weeks after the last release of data (discussed here), this latest, greatest USSC post-Booker sentencing update includes all cases sentenced by close-of-business on August 3, 2005. These data now cover over 31,000 cases.

From a quick review, I believe the latest numbers do not change the basic stories emerging from the data released last month (details here and here, commentary here).  Though the basic national cumulative numbers are the easiest to consume, perhaps the most interesting data continue to lurk within the circuit-by-circuit information and data on average sentence lengths, pre- and post-Booker.

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