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August 20, 2005

Hands off habeas

Posts from TalkLeft and Gideon spotlight this recent Washington Post editorial assailing the habeas corpus restrictions moving through Congress in the proposed Streamlined Procedures Act.  The Post editorial, which has the great title that I have borrowed for this post, stresses the recent resolution from the Conference of Chief Justices urging the US Senate not to move forward with new habeas restrictions.

Below I have assembled some recent posts on this important topic:

UPDATE: A couple of Sunday morning papers have thorough and thoughtful discussions of habeas issues and the Streamlined Procedures Act: this article from the Louisville Courier-Journal provides a Kentucky and Indiana prespective on these matters; this article from the Contra Costa Times provides a California perspective.

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See also Injustice Anywhere criticizing the TX Supreme Court Chief Justice, who doesn't even hear criminal cases, for being the lone dissenter in the conference of Chief Justices who failed to support a resolution opposing that legislation.


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