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October 26, 2005

Ugly headlines for Miers' fans

Based on the headlines and stories emerging in all the major media outlets, I continue to believe Hariet Miers may not even make it to her confirmation hearings in two weeks.  Nothing in the latest articles from the New York Times, USA Today, and Bloomberg will provide any encouragement for Miers' fans, and this story in the Washington Post, which declares "Nominee Defended Social Activism" in speeches from the 1990s, will surely provide additional fodder for Miers' many critics  on the right.

I believe Wednesday is the day Miers is supposed to send in her revised Senate questionnaire (which I hope might include some discussion of her work with the prisoner re-entry group Exodus Ministries).  Perhaps Miers' new responses will change the dynamics of her nomination.  They may have to if she wants to preserve her chance of ultimately serving as a Justice of the Supreme Court.

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