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December 4, 2005

Competing op-eds on Tookie and clemency

Though I noted here a number of major death penalty article in Friday's papers, I missed two  interesting op-eds which discuss capital clemency and the Stanley "Tookie" Williams case: providing (tepid?) support for grant Tookie clemency is Mark Essig, writing "Clemency for a Crip?" in the New York Times; providing (tepid?) opposition to granting Tookie clemency is Eugene Robinson, writing "No Special Break for Tookie" in the Washington Post.

Providing more competing op-ed views, the Los Angeles Times today has pieces from Joshua Marquis, vice president of the National District Attorneys Association, who argues "He's a murderer. He should die.", and from Charles L. Lindner, past president of the Los Angeles Criminal Bar Association, who argues "Governor, let Tookie live."

Background on the case and Williams' life and pending death are available at this recent AP story.  For more, also see these related posts:

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