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January 2, 2006

Gearing up for Alito hearings

As I predicted back in October (here and here and here), Judge Sam Alito's background as a prosecutor (as well as his long record as a circuit judge) has led to plenty of criminal law discussion leading up to his confirmation hearings.  Indeed, the Washington Post's recent long article, "Alito, In and Out of the Mainstream," included a section headed, "A Prosecutor's View."  Based on an analysis of 33 criminal cases (listed here), that section had these insights:

[H]e sided with criminal defendants only three times, aligning with prosecutors more often than the average GOP-appointed judge in divided cases....  Alito voted in two-thirds of the criminal cases to uphold the rulings of a lower-court judge.  His votes in one small group of those criminal cases — four appeals from inmates facing death sentences — were even more consistent. Every time, he voted against sparing the prisoner from execution.  Nationally, federal appeals judges in disputed cases vote to give relief to prisoners sentenced to death about a third of the time.

Gearing up for the hearings next week, I have assembled below some of my coverage of Alito and SCOTUS work in the crime and sentencing arena:




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