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January 12, 2006

Media coverage of SCOTUS capital work

Wednesday was a big death penalty day for the Supreme Court, with its notable 5-4 decision to reinstate a death sentence in Sanders (details here) and arguments over innocence issues in House v. Bell (details here).  Here are highlights from the media coverage:

House argument: from the New York Times, from USA Today, from the AP, from Reuters

Sanders decision: from the Los Angeles Times from the AP, from Reuters.

Linda Greenhouse's report on the House argument in the NYT is especially compelling, noting that "Justices Antonin Scalia and Stephen G. Breyer were particularly steeped in the details and were deeply engaged on opposite sides of the case, debating it back and forth almost to the exclusion of the lawyers standing before them."  Also, House may garner even more attention if DNA tests dispute the guilt of Ronald Coleman, who was executed by Virginia in 1992.  (Newspapers also provide Coleman case background here, and notable commentaries here and here.)

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