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January 12, 2006

More Angelos aftermath

Overshadowed by the Alito hearings, the Tenth Circuit's disconcerting affirmance of the 55-year sentence given to Weldon Angelos (discussed here and here) has drawn relatively little media attention.  But this fascinating article in the Salt Lake City Desert News, entitled "Attorneys for Angelos vow to keep fighting sentence," is a must-read for anyone closely following the case.  I found quotes from the chief prosecutor to be especially telling:

U.S. Attorney for Utah Paul Warner said unlike the description painted by his defenders, "Weldon Angelos is no choirboy."  As for the case going to the U.S. Supreme Court, Warner said the 10th Circuit sided with his office on every aspect of the case and there were no dissenting opinions. "Put a fork in this case because it's done," Warner said....

As for the long list of legal experts backing Angelos, Warner said many are former colleagues and friends that he worked with during the Clinton and Bush administrations. Warner said he feels the only reason they have sided with the defense in the case is because most of them are now in private practice and need to support the side that will benefit them, suggesting some were "paid to sign on to such briefs." "It's their bread and butter now that they're in private practice," Warner said....

Warner said he personally has little sympathy for Angelos, since his office offered Angelos a plea bargain of just over 15 years, which he rejected for taking the case to trial.

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Hello from Salt Lake City, Utah. I am a private citizen who read an article regarding Weldon Angelos with dismay. There is a photo of Mr. Angelos with his two boys and it is heart wrenching. What can the public do to help rectify this injustice?
Sincerely, Larry Lystrup

Posted by: Larry Lystrup | May 1, 2008 1:30:35 PM

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