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February 12, 2006

A Valentine week sentencing wish list

For a long-married fellow like me, Valentine's Day feels like being an Olympian heavily favored to win a gold: if I perform well, I will only meet expectations; if I perform poorly, many are disappointed and my reputation can be tarnished.  Nevertheless, I am looking forward to this Valentine week with hope that some sentencing-related wishes might be fulfilled by others:

US Supreme Court: I would love a cert grant in the major state Blakely cases that are scheduled to be conferenced this Friday (background here and here and here), in part because I am so curious to find out what Justice Alito and Chief Justice Roberts think about Blakely (background here and here). 

State Supreme CourtsI would love decisions in major Blakely cases that the Ohio Supreme Court has been considering for nearly seven months (background here) and that the Michigan Supreme Court has been considering for over three months (background here).

US Sentencing Commission:  I would love new data about the post-Booker world, especially since it's been more than five weeks since the USSC's last data report (background here).  I would also love some official news about when we might expect the USSC's comprehensive Booker report.  Post-Booker patience may be a virtue, but mine is short.

US Department of JusticeI would love a thoughtful and public DOJ report on the pros and cons of the post-Booker world from the perspective of federal prosecutors.  We've seen such a report from federal defenders in a (long and powerful) letter to the USSC.  I'd now like to hear the other side, perhaps through a similar letter to the Commission.

Circuit and District Courts: I would love a lot more decisions, like those recently from the Sixth Circuit and Judge Adelman and Judge Bataillon, which take both parts of the Booker ruling seriously and give focused attention to the plain text of 3553(a).

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