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February 10, 2006

And the lethal injection litigation played on...

The echo effects of the Supreme Court cert grant in the Hill case (discussed here and here) continue to be felt in courtrooms around the nation as lethal injection litigation rages on. 

The latest news comes from California: this article reports that a "federal judge on Thursday suggested he may be willing to postpone California's next scheduled execution later this month so he can hold a full-blown evidentiary hearing to consider a constitutional challenge to the state's lethal injection procedure."  Additional reporting on today's hearing in the Morales case, which is making headlines for other reasons as well, can be found in this AP story.

Meanwhile, this AP article provides a partial update on another one of the scrummages over the constitutionality of lethal injection.  The article details that, a week after a Missouri death row defendant's execution was stayed, the Eighth Circuit has now clarified that his lethal injection challenge now "rests with a three-judge appeals panel."

For a very clear and effective review of all the lethal injection scrummages (which I cover here and here), check out this fine article from Charles Lane in Friday's Washington Post entitled, "Supreme Court Puzzles Some With Mixed Answers on Lethal Injection."

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