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March 2, 2006

A taxonomy of legal blogs

I am so very pleased to see that Ian over at 3L Epiphany — who has the honor of being the first law student to earn academic credit for blogging — has taken up the challenge of creating a "taxonomy of legal blogs."  I think this is an extraordinarily valuable (and challenging) endeavor, which Ian previews in this thoughtful post.  (Ian got off to a running start with this funny post labeling blogs based on the number of contributors.  Apparently, I am a uniblogger.)

Notably, Dan Solove's terrific census of law professor bloggers catalogs bloggers by school and gender, but both Ann Althouse and Jim Lindgren have expressed concern about what these numbers really tell us (especially for the recent "blogs as scholarship" debate).  Moreover, I have long been interested in a rough accounting of other facets of law-prof blogging — e.g., whether bloggers are tenured or untenured, whether blogs are issue-specific (this blog) or legal-generalist (Prawfsblawg) or mostly non-law (Instapundit).

From Ian's mission statement, it appears he is trying to create a taxonomy for all legal blogs, not just law-prof blogs.  I look forward to seeing what he develops.

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