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March 22, 2006

Spring break and priorities

BaseballTo prove that I still have my priorities straight, I am soon heading to the airport to start my Spring Break trip down to Florida for a very long weekend of family and fantasy baseball fun.  Saturday is my fantasy baseball league's draft in Tampa. Recommendations for sleepers and/or great keeper prospects would be greatly appreciated.  Also, hoping to change my recent fortunes (I've not won in five years), I am thinking about changing my team name this year.  Ideas for clever new team names would also be welcome. 

Though I expect to be able to get on-line from my hotel, I also expect blogging to be very light through the middle of next week.  For those interested in using this blogging breather to catch up on recent happenings, I have recapped some of March's Booker and Blakely highlights below.




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Sleepers -- definitely Bagwell coming off injury and Chien-Ming Wang if he drops to the late rounds

Posted by: OhioAppealsToMe | Mar 22, 2006 12:30:16 PM


Felix Hernandez - SP, Sea
Kenji Johjima - C, Sea
Joe Mauer - C, Min (big-time breakout year)
Jon Papelbon - SP, Bos

Posted by: JRL | Mar 22, 2006 7:25:50 PM

Look into a young Milwaukee Brewers pitcher, David Bush. This is only his second season and he was traded from the Blue Jays during the off-season. He's having a good spring, will be in the Brewers starting rotation and, I predict, will have a break-out year!

Paul Kurtz, Executive Director

Posted by: Paul Kurtz | Mar 23, 2006 7:26:54 AM

Zach Duke, without a doubt, as a standout starting pitcher

Posted by: BurghBum | Mar 23, 2006 9:17:29 AM

Last year I suggested Alex Rios, and you said your team already had him, so I'm guessing 1) you've been playing for a while, 2) your league is pretty deep, and 3) everyone in your league is knowledgable.

SO, you already know that there are new names at the top of each position, like Travis Hanfer, Chase Utley, David Wright, Joe Mauer, and Jose Reyes.

You already know of potential breakout players (sophomores) for this year, like Rickie Weeks, King Felix, Dan Haren, Coco Crisp, Clint Barmes. Z Duke here too.

And you already know of the top rookie of the year candidates, like J Hermida, M Cain, P Fielder, Delmon Young, K Jojima, and F Liriano.

So you want DEEP sleepers. CM Wang, and David Bush, above, are great selections. I also think the following are "sleepers," or at least cheap low round draft picks with high upside.

1. Jeff Mathis, LAA, C - highly touted rook, but many will avoid since he's a hitting catcher with little defensive prowess. But he only needs to fend off Jose Molina (the third of FOUR Molina brothers) and he will. In that lineup, he'l produce.

2. You could wait on first base and take ANY of Dan Johnson, Casey Kotchman, or Conor Jackson. Kotchman especially is projecting to be another Will Clark.

3. Along the lines of 1B, Adam Laroche, 1B for ATL, is another person who will produce more than expected, now that Julio Franco is no longer in ATL. A full year of Adam will be great.

4. Curtis Granderson and Joey Gathright are winning their starting jobs on their respective teams, and will be a great source of steals.

5. Don't sleep on Felix Pie, Chicago's best hitting prospect in a long time. With the CHC outfield in flux, and Matt Murton not guaranteed to produce, Pie might be up very soon.

6. Setup men waiting in the wings: Fernando Cabrera for CLE waiting to take over Bob Wickman, Danys Baez in LA waiting for Eric Gagne, Dan Miceli in TB waiting for Chad Orvella.

7. One guy many people are forgetting is Edwin Encarnacion, who WAS Cincy's top prospect 2-3 yrs ago, but was always blocked by R Freel or R Aurilia. Well, he's starting for this year. And he's got huge upside.

So those are my tips for this year. As far as clever team names, I have found these two on the web, and use them on 2 or my 5 teams:

1. Honey Nut Ichiros
2. "I'm Bill James, B-tch!" (for sabremetric lovers)

But here are some other suggestions:

3. Ex Post Franchise
4. Res Ipsa Lockerroom
5. Shriveled Barrys (triple meaning)
6. Murderers Row (tribute to sentencing and the Yankees)

Posted by: Eric H. | Mar 24, 2006 12:51:51 AM

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