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May 10, 2006

Interesting examination of faith-based prison movement

I am quite intrigued and even encouraged by the faith-based prison movement.  And, as suggested in this recent post, I hope that observers and advocates of progressive prison reforms will not excessively focus on church/state constitutional issues that might be raised by faith-based prison programs.  Consequently, I was pleased to discover this interesting looking paper by Marc O. DeGirolami on SSRN entitled "The New Religious Prisons and Their Retributivist Commitments."  Here is a portion of the abstract:

Religious prisons raise serious questions of constitutionality and effectiveness, and most of the critical commentary to date has focused either on the considerable Establishment Clause concerns or the programs' inconclusive recidivism results. This article explores the criminological commitments of religious prisons.  Though religious prisons serve rehabilitative aims, this article emphasizes the importance of their retributive goals — what Professor R.A. Duff has termed the censure-communicating purpose of punishment and the Three 'R'S of Punishment, repentance, reform, and reconciliation — in justifying the use of religious programming in prisons. The paper offers an argument to skeptics who claim that religious programming serves no purpose absent an unequivocal showing of rehabilitative effectiveness.  It claims that even if the evidence of reduced recidivism has been inflated or manipulated, as many critics claim, religious programming may be justified theoretically by reference to its potential for a special manifestation of penitential retribution that might advance secular ends.

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This an email, sent to an activist friend.

Hi Etta, your response was refreshing hence so many seem to lack concern of such serious matters of human rights violation, including murder. For more than a decade I've collected evidence in support of my contention of staff attempting to murder me, medically confirmed as I suffer heart damage from prison staff poisoning me and two other inmates.And though I had the presence of mind not to tell medical staff I was having a heart attack. They set up three unbidden trips to cardiology. How did they know? Had I gone on those trips as most inmates do. And they succeeded in murdering me.Prison medical staff would have used those medical records to prove they were trying to avail me and the murder would have been covered up. Additionally,the laced medication I mailed to the sixth circuit court was ostensibly mailed back to the perpetrators and vanished. Notwithstanding the court has no evidence, of my evidence ever arriving.This was direct evidence that should have been sent to a lab for testing. However, it was not.
Moreover, a prison staff member who had a little to much to drink at Marion Correctional Inst. Circa 1998. stated in front of me and several inmate witnesses. He knew for a fact, prison staff members were murdering inmates.
On yet another occasion.circa 2000. A prison staffer SOCF Lucasville confided in me. he was an eyewitness to the April 1993 Lucasville riot. He stated the riot was initially orchestrated by prison staff by reason, they were scheduled for an investigation by a higher authority for the litany of complaints by several inmates over the years. complaints for the theft of their money orders, gold jewelry, clothing articles sent in by the inmates family members. This officer shocked in disbelief. eyewitness ed prison staff member dumping files on fires they themselves started. A few Muslims were let out by staff. so as to appear the ostensible perpetrators of that riot. Now some of these men are scheduled to die for what the germane criminals, prison staffers did.
It's been nearly two years since I turned evidence over to Ohio state rep. Joseph Koziura. His secretary's, on two separate occasion. alleged, Joseph Koziura alleges to have turned this evidence over to the Feds in Washington D.C. to no avail. No one has contacted me on any of the foregoing matters.
Kriss Mylas, former inmate at T.O.C.I., Toledo correctional Facility was a key witness for me testing ostensible pain medication dispensed to me by prison staff at TOCI. caused severe pain in his head as it had done to me. I never told Kriss of the acute pain Or what to expect. But his symptoms were the same as I suffered. I just asked his to test it for me. Just after 3 days, 2 pills a day kriss refused to take more to avail me. word leaked out Kriss was availing me. And he was moved off the cell block and they had increased his dosage of psych medication. And though I had cautioned him. Prison staff managed to rob him of his cognizance, sent him to a mental institution, where reportedly Kriss speech was reduced to babbling, and her drooled out of his mouth uncontrollably. More inmates who availed me may have suffered a simlar plight. I can't say as I lost contact with them. Most all of what I recounted in this email, and more. Including certification receipts to the FBI, President G.W. Bush. Ohio's Governor, Bob Taft. et al. can be found in my AOL journal site. These same artifices utilized on me et,al. I've deduced are those utilized through the country. I might add Dr. Leroy Gillam out of Houston Texas. Apprised me in circa, November,2006. My evidence is currently in federal court supporting the class action he filed in Texas.

Additionally, I'm sending you my petition site and hope you and others will avail me by your signatures. in my quest to real justice to protect those who no longer have a voice, but one. Ours!

My Cell phone: 440-949-0321
Thank you! for your concern.
Cordially, Roderick please use my preferred email address when corresponding. [email protected]

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It claims that even if the evidence of reduced recidivism has been inflated or manipulated, as many critics claim, religious programming may be justified theoretically by reference to its potential for a special manifestation of penitential retribution that might advance secular ends.

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