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May 4, 2006

Second Circuit rules on felon disenfranchisement

Because I am on the road, I don't know when I'll have time to actually read all 10(!) separate opinions from today's en banc Second Circuit ruling holding that the federal Voting Rights Act does not apply to New York's prisoner disenfranchisement law (available here).  But I do have time to link to the coverage of the rulings at these blogs: 

For a lot more information on the broader topic of felon disenfranchisement, The Sentencing Project is one great place to go.

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Hi, I am a 24 year drug addict, i have been in and out of jail for the past several years . I am now clean with a very clear mind ! I am a little angry . Why? Because all the time I have spent incarcarated for just being under the influence is sickning. I have been offerd very little rehabilatation . The way I see it is Im a drug addict not a criminal!!! I need rehabilatation not incarcaration !! I dont know where to begin, but I am seeking jail alternatives for drug addicts !! any suggestions

Posted by: dana riddle | Jul 19, 2006 10:34:33 PM

Hello 24 year problem,
Rehabilitation for so called drug addicts and you have received no advice from anyone ( say for instance those you care for you Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, close friends, family members in all these 24 years)What do you think rehab is? Oh, I know it just came to me MORE DRUGS. What they give is advice and in some cases talk of their own experience as of yet they have not perfected the magic wand to fix the illness caused by 24 years of drug addiction. Most people are so busy trying to deal with the damage done to the families that are dealing with this problem along with the addicts. You say that it is not criminal but statistics show that drugs and their use is indirectly responsible for the majority of crimes like burglary, robbery, thefts of all kinds, child abuse and homicides. So if you are a part of something you must bare some of the responsibility for the outcome. The drug culture by very nature tends to be criminal to an extent that our society has not entirely dealt with yet. In the news now, an addict mother breast feeding her baby while on meth, the baby died is that criminal or does she need the magic wand. The drug culture tends to have a sexually promiscuous nature ( men and women ) and this produces children they are unable to take care of because statistics shows that a large portion of the addicts are on some type of relief paid for by the taxpayers. Some children born to these people have learning disabilities that will be with them all their lives so the generation behind the drug addict will be dealing with the problem left behind by the addict, is this criminal. And if there are children who is caring for them statistics shows that today more and more grandparents have had to get involved with their loved ones or see them left all over the place to be abused by the people who have this problem and think that that it isn’t criminal. And when it comes to the grand parents you must remember that in most of these cases these people are at the end of their working years and it can be very taxing or devastating to their future. Is this criminal? If you are unable to see these things the problem is deeper than just the cop out that is used in your statement. I know these words will find their way to your file of that this person has no understanding of me but lets keep in mind that we are not talking about you but of a problem and how to deal with it. Most addicts find it easy to blame others for the problems they have and distance themselves from the truth. But like any problem of this kind a person must look within for the fix there is no wand and will never be only the need and desire for each of us to do our part in the lives we live and except our responsibilities for the things that we are responsible for.
But congratulations to you for surviving much longer than the average addict who is normally dead after 10 or 12 years according to the drug of choice. Heroine is the biggest killer and it is usually do to over dose, meth is the most damaging due to the effect it has on the persons mind and the inability to see how others are affected.
It surprises me to read your words wrote so well showing intelligence but blindness to the facts. Look beyond yourself and see the others, If you have children be careful of the influence you have on them. Hopefully you do not but if so that you have little or no control of them until you are able to see past yourself. I hope you don’t think my words are judgmental I didn’t post the blog you did. The statement is troublesome to me and many others to know that there is help everywhere and the people who claim to have this problem doesn’t know when they are receiving help.
Simple Joe. A man who has been there and can see the damage done.
Good luck to you.

Posted by: simple joe philosopher | Aug 20, 2006 4:47:07 PM

Hey Joe,
Well said Joe you state the truth very effectively but I suspect on unwanting to hear ears. It would be best to say things like it's OK and we will except this because you are a drug addict and we will take care of all your needs and fix all the damage that you do and then blame us.Would that be better 24.

Posted by: | Aug 20, 2006 4:58:16 PM

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