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June 25, 2006

A criminal law heavy SCOTUS finale

As detailed in this AP article, the Supreme Court has 10 more cases to decide before taking its summer vacation.  Both SCOTUSblog and Crime and Consequences have the particulars on the cases that remain, and Kent Scheidegger has this astute observation: "The end of the term is heavily criminal, although the political nature of two of the civil cases will probably mean they get more press coverage than any of the criminal and related cases except Hamdan."

As I have noted in this post, I think Recuenco, Marsh and Clark are the decisions most likely to intrigue sentencing fans.  However, for reasons highlighted by Rachel Barkow's latest article, I hope to find time to carefully read all the criminal case dispositions we are expected to get this week.

UPDATE: Thanks to How Appealing, I see that the Wichita Eagle has this article anticipating this week's expected ruling in Marsh, the death penalty case from Kansas.

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