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June 19, 2006

Another intriguing SCOTUS morning

Based on reports from SCOTUSblog, today's civil work by the Supreme Court seems likely to graner the most attention.  And, we still do not get decisions in the four Blakely-tinged cases noted here that I am most anxiously awaiting.  Thursday appears to be the next day we will get rulings from SCOTUS.

There was criminal law action still worth noting today.  As more fully detailed by fellow bloggers here and here, the Supreme Court: (1) handed down split decisions in its two big Crawford cases, (2) ruled on parolee Fourth Amendment rights in Samson v. California, and (3) issued a per curiam GVR in a criminal case that essentially ordered the West Virginia Supreme Court to consider a Brady issue.  Of this bunch, I suspect Samson might have the most sentencing talk, but I encourage readers to use the comments to highlight any matters of interest in today's SCOTUS action.

UPDATE: Samson is an interesting read, especially given modern "war on terror" debates about the Fourth Amendment (which are unspoken in the Samson opinions).  Justice Stevens' dissent in Samson seems notably strident.  At the outset, he assert that the majority "sanctions today ... an unprecedented curtailment of liberty"; at the close, he suggests the Court has reduced the Framers chosen "guard against the evils of arbitrary action, caprice, and harassment."  Intriguingly, Justices Souter and Breyer, but not Justice Ginsburg, joined Stevens' dissent.

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