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June 14, 2006

Significant meth report from The Sentencing Project

I just received an e-mail from The Sentencing Project about a major new study that it claims disproves "the popular belief that there exists a growing methamphetamine epidemic within the United States." According to the e-mail, this report, entitled "The Next Big Thing? Methamphetamine in the United States" and available at this link, "reveals that methamphetamine is actually one of the rarest of illegal drugs used, with its use declining among youth, stabilizing among adults and demonstrating no increase in first-time users."

According to the e-mail, important findings of this new meth report include:

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I have read your blog,and i certaintly do not agree.meth labs and users are on the rise, its in our citys, coomuintys, towns, and within our states. Its the poor man's cocaine, which makes it so much more afordable, to so many...easy to make, a batch of cooked meth, ready to go and bag up, if a few hours. they should make Sudafed, only avaiable by doctor;s order, and they may begin to get a grip on the Meth war.....

Posted by: melissa | Aug 15, 2007 4:12:18 AM

I've been doing research on crystal meth, addicition, rates, ect. If the numbers I'm looking at are even close to accurate, there is no way that meth use and addiction is declining. If anything it is spreading quicker, just more stealthly. Authorities just aren't reporting statistics. I work for a rural newspaper and it is becoming glaringly obvious how widespead the problem is and yet we still seem to be in fear of "demonizing" users. This is a drug that must be stopped before it does any more damage to our kids and our country.

Posted by: Tyrra B Meserve | Feb 13, 2008 4:59:54 PM

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